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Published On March 8, 2014 | By Elisabeth Petras | PGH News

We’re back at it bringing you ‘burgh news from around the web. Over the past week A&E premiered Those Who Kill, seagulls flocked to our three rivers and one defense attorney released a very honest ad. Scroll down to see what else we’ve rounded up.

roundup 3 7 1Buzzfeed released some photos of how the world throws American themed parties, while back here in the states we celebrated National Pancake Day.


Pittsburgh is getting some national TV airtime. First, Pittsburgh-filmed Those Who Kill premiered on A&E. Also this week, Comedy Central featured the Yinzer accent in a sketch about Pittsburgh/Philadelphia pawn shop owner swap.


roundup 3 7 3

Photo Credit – Mike Neilson

Pittsburgh comedian Tom Musial got national attention for his Used To Be A Pizza Hut bit. While Pittsburgh lawyer, Daniel Muessig, aka Dos Noun, went viral with his very honest, totally hilarious commercial. Better call Saul? Nah, better call Daniel!


Follow the Money released a list of what types of businesses contributed the most to the 2012 political campaigns. Pennsylvania is owned by energy. At the same time, government and employees are fighting another big PA business, UPMC, and employees are uniting to earn better benefits. 


roundup 3 7 2Stentor Danielson created handcut maps of Pittsburgh. Prints are also available.


Birdwatchers from around the area can marvel in the increase of gulls in Pittsburgh. While lovers of all animals will be happy to know The Animal Rescue League is expanding their property in Homewood

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