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Published On August 1, 2014 | By Chelsea Strub | PGH News

Here in Pittsburgh, we enjoy the finer things in life… the savory foods, fine art, and craft cocktails.


weekly highlights hot dog

We consider it a delicacy to have to dig through a heaping pile of french fries to find our condiment-slathered hot dogs. What other way is there to celebrate the highly esteemed holiday, National Hot Dog Day? You could also celebrate your food appreciation by splurging for a limited edition pizza box–a fine alternative.


Pittsburgh’s got the music thing down too. Anyone else have a blast at J5 on Wednesday? Well this week we’ve got a giveaway that’s gonna throw you back to the good ‘ole days.



You can’t forget about the art of filmmaking. We love that too. Our latest project didn’t get much love from the rest of the country, but, is it really a bad thing that Pittsburgh crime isn’t as exciting as Miami’s?



The other cities don’t understand. They think we’re a bunch of drunks. They just can’t seem to comprehend our sophisticated pleasures. 😉


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