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Published On June 20, 2014 | By Chelsea Strub | PGH News

Our advances in technology and our reputation for resilience aren’t just impressing our citizens, we got a visit from the President himself! Obama was here this week checking out some stuff over at the TechShop Pittsburgh.



These are definitely some things to brag about to out-of-towners, but take this quiz to see just how much credit you deserve 😉


Can I get a “Hell Yeah!” from all you Pittsburgh cyclists out there? This week we got the news that pretty soon we’ll be kickin’ it like Amsterdam with some ‘Bike Only’ lanes downtown as early as September!



Feeling lucky? We’ve got two more giveaways this week!  Enter to see Black Flag at Altar Bar June 25th or Christian Martin at Belvedere’s on June 27th. Stay tuned–many more to come!

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