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Published On May 12, 2014 | By Chelsea Strub | PGH News

Well, spring has FINALLY sprung in Pittsburgh and it is a beautiful thing! It’s safe to swap out your ski pants for those cut-offs you’ve desperately longed to wear since they hit the mannequins in the mall. Feels good, doesn’t it? You’d think a boost in vitamin D would be enough to make any Pittsburgher proud, but this week, it was just an added bonus.

Our hats are off to our friends in town who participated in the Marathon and Pittsburgh Gives this week. The Day of Giving raised over five million dollars that was donated to the city’s non-profits. Congratulations to The Pittsburgh Food Bank and the Pittsburgh Symphony for getting the most love.


Step aside Yale, you and the other Ivies can take a seat, because yinz ain’t got nothing on us! Students at Carnegie Mellon are making breakthroughs in technology and global economics while the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is leaving a grand impression. If you haven’t taken a tour of the nationality rooms, it’s highly recommended. But if you just want to go inside and pretend you’re enrolled in Hogwarts… that’s okay too.


If you found yourself lost in your neighborhood this week, it may have been because of the spontaneous budding of the trees after the rain. But that’s not the only cause for confusion in East Liberty… USA Today pointed out progressive additions to this neighborhood deem it unrecognizable to people who haven’t visited since the 60’s. People in Lawrenceville may need to leave a trail of bread crumbs, too. Tree Pittsburgh is starting a plant initiative that will leave it looking more like Shadyside.


If that wasn’t enough of a face-lift for the ‘Burgh, urban farming is on the rise! Start a new community hobby in your neighborhood with those seeds you got from the Blossom Tour on Butler Street on Friday.


That’s enough to make anyone proud of their city. If you want to flaunt it, mark your calendars for June 15th, where you can share your Pride in Pittsburgh with the Delta Foundation. Or you can just relax with your neighbors and a bottle of whiskey, ’cause damn it feels good to be a Yinzer.

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