Weekly News Highlights 5/17

Published On May 17, 2014 | By Chelsea Strub | PGH News

We got a taste of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Pittsburgh this week. The Pens’ loss and Friday’s cold front left most of the city’s residents in disdain, sarcastically saying, “what else is new?” Well enough with the bad and the ugly… let’s talk about the GREAT!


If you didn’t figure it out already, the ‘Burgh is sometimes considered to be ‘Party Central.’ We’ve got more bars per person than anywhere else in the US–even one on wheels! If Pittsburgh Party Pedaler isn’t your M.O., we’ve got phenomenal French fry options to satisfy the late-night munchies. Plus, our very own Pittsburgh Track Authority is partying it up late-night over at Hot Mass. Drinks, chili fries, AND after hours festivies… what else could a PGH partier ask for?


How about some love from the New York Times?  Our Andy Warhol Museum is turning heads nationally after its 20th anniversary renovations.  Make the best of Pittsburgh’s next rainy day and go take a look!


Life is looking good for Pittsburgh commuters of all kinds! Port Authority announced its plans for long-awaited technological advances for buses and the T. Now, instead of wondering why your bus hasn’t show nup yet, you’ll know it was held up somewhere, like Polish Hill, while your fellow citizen was helping an elderly woman cross the street. On the other hand, a delay may be due to a kindly Pittsburgh driver giving someone a Lyft. (Psst!  use our promo code to the right to save on your first ride!)



No sense in complaining about the ugly… we have to take the good with the bad and realize that the rest of the world will never understand the greatness of living in Pennsylvania.

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