Life & Living Exposed in Pittsburgh’s “Beaux Arts: The City Beautiful”

Published On May 26, 2015 | By Alison Hosko | PGH News

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For those of you seeking apartments for rent, or perhaps just another reason to appreciate our thriving urban community, look no further. Project-based economic development and marketing firm Epic Development‘s newly launched piece, “Beaux Arts: The City Beautiful,” shows promise in delivering curated quality content regarding all things community-related in Pittsburgh.

The free, bi-annual print publication features handpicked, urban apartment properties in each issue and will also cover developmental news–including emerging new properties and available spaces for rent. The publication is available online, and for those social media savvy observers, “Beaux Arts” will also maintain corresponding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Publisher Michael McAllister hopes that “Beaux Arts” will offer “differentiation for quality or location” to those who are searching for housing in Pittsburgh. His print piece strives to aim at a wider audience with its design driven aesthetic and a primary focus on providing insight into the city’s most attractive living spaces.beauxarts2

McAllister also stresses the immense increase in construction of new residencies all over the city; however, the demand for efficient means of finding available spaces has not been met. He hopes that “Beaux Arts” will meet this need for PGH locals and soon-to-be-residents, and later plans to incorporate an online media platform that users can utilize to search for vetted, high quality apartment listings. Quality property partners of all sizes and types are encouraged to submit their available units to McAllister’s cleanly designed, modern platform, giving readers and viewers a variety of options and styles to look through.

Also included in each issue will be a style section by Instagram personality, Keep Pittsburgh Dope (@keeppittsburghdope), personal tours of Pittsburgh’s most stylish apartment residents, and user submitted Instagram photos, as well as other neighborhood features and projects that are shaping our city’s future. Take a peek at the Spring/Summer 2015 issue, and see for yourself.

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