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Published On December 23, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Not gonna lie. I’ve not written most of the post below. It’s courtesy of our boy DJ Huggy, who collabs with Nak mama Kellee Maize on the reg. He’s a talented individual who needs help spreading the word for his band’s Kickstarter campaign that is oh so close to completion! The band is called Yours Truly, and they’ve been grindin’ on the local circuit for some time now. If you’re a fan or into supporting the local scene, listen up! They have until December 25th to make this happen. So if the holidays put you in a giving spirit, you’ve got $10 to spare or if you’re just looking to support the Pittsburgh music scene in a unique and tangible way, let’s NAK their goal OUT of the park!

Yours Truly is a progressive pop rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, commonly referred to as a “modern day Rush” and acclaimed for the bigger-than-three sound that they produce. Drawing on influences like Foo Fighters, Incubus and Radiohead, the trio combines pop sensibility, musical precision, and raw energy to create music that is both catchy to the ear and stimulating to the mind.

In April of 2010, Yours Truly released their debut EP, “the Colorage,” which has fooled many listeners into overestimating the band’s age. But upon review of their resumes, it’s easy to see how such a mistake could be made. Between lead singer/guitarist Justin Portis’ freelance writing for Universal Records, bassist/producer DJ Huggy’s esteemed artist clientele (which includes Wiz Khalifa and Charon Don among others), and drummer Eric Downs’ jazz training at the University of Pittsburgh, the band undoubtedly has the experience to justify the maturity of its sound.

Yours Truly is participating in a KickStarter Campaign to raise funding for their new album. They have to raise $2,500 by Sunday, December 25th and they are ohhh so close. As of today they have raised a whopping $2,210 and with your help we can put them over the top. Donations start at as little as $10 and are accompanied with some pretty funny rewards.

They’re looking to raise a cool $2,500 to help finish producing this album and put it in as many people’s hands as possible. As per the classical Kickstarter rules, they won’t see any of the donations unless they raise at least $2,500 of them. That means that if they raise $2,499.99 worth of pledges, they get nothing. This album really means a lot to them, and they’re quite proud of the songs that will be on it, so they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. All rewards are negotiable, so if you don’t live nearby or you want a reward from a different donation level, just say something! *Reward delivery date is subject to completion of album.

We here at the Nak family wish Yours Truly the best of luck with their campaign. With hours to go…they really need this final push to make it a success!

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