Wise Blood – "Penthouse Suites"

Published On May 16, 2011 | By Bonus Chopper | Music


After a relatively quiet month following an “interesting” performance at Pittsburgh’s Liquid Sundays and some speculation regarding the official release date for his first proper EP (supposedly dated originally for early May on indie Dovecote Records) Chris Laufman’s alter ego Wise Blood finally leaks a sample from the upcoming These Wings, now set for a August 2nd release. Bonus track “Penthouse Suites” is probably the most polished and earnest track Laufman has produced to date. It’s a leisurely but sensual neo-soul stroll, draped in lazy wafts of synths and disembodied patchworks of heavenly female vocals. Laufman fills the track with melancholic pleas for confirmation of the life he chose, apparently grappling with the ridiculous ambition outlined in more than a few interviews. (“Send your word/Just let me know this life is what I deserve” is repeated quietly for the song’s coda.)

But without a doubt, “Penthouse Suites” is an intriguing track. It’s a slick piece of the “PBR & B” pie we’ve heard so much about (The Weeknd and Frank Ocean…holla), confirming my confidence in Laufman’s maturation from the lo-fi pangs of 2010’s “+” mixtape. Wise Blood’s sound is singularly original and, in most instances, true. What more can you ask for?


Wise Blood – “Penthouse Suites”

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