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Published On February 25, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

I rarely get this excited about Pgh talent, but this dude’s got it goin’ ON. I’d like to know where he came from. I first heard about Wise Blood within the past month or two, which caused me to immediately Google this cat to see what he’s all about. How to Dress Well immediately came to mind. If you read Pitchfork, you might have heard his name a time or two. I think Wise Blood is a bit tighter and more musically inclined, though. Who knows, maybe an entire genre will emerge out of this pseudo R&B/indy experimentation. I’m down with that. How to Dress Well has been on my radar for one to watch in 2011, so knowing I can possibly see that style of music from one of Pittsburgh’s very own gets me goin’.

I dug up an interview on this cat, though it leaves a lot to be desired. This guy seems rather interesting from what the music and videos are hinting at, but if this interview were my first impression, I wouldn’t bother with a listen. I particularly enjoyed this blogger’s account, instead. That first paragraph is pretty spot-on to the point that I’m quite jealous. Ya got skills.

If you enjoy the musical stylings of How to Dress Well, peep Wise Blood’s video. Hell, peep it even if you don’t know who in the world I’m talking about:

You’ve gotta be into music that’s off the beaten path to appreciate this. He isn’t the next Sam Sparro. As someone who tends to like music that leans towards the poppier side, I can appreciate this because it’s confidently unique. It’s also great baby-makin’ music. It drips and soothes. If that isn’t enough for you, check out his short, but sweet video for “2 ALL THE GIRLS WHO HAVE TRUSTED ME.”

Yo, I trust you baby.

Catch him on tour with Esben and the Witch or in Pittsburgh this March with Small Black on the club stage at Stage AE.

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