Who Doesn't Like Expensive Shit?

Published On December 21, 2010 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

If you weren’t in attendance for the sold-out Expensive Shit/TM Eye/Zulus show this past Saturday at the Brillo Box, then your cool factor just went down about 10 points.

Expensive Shit is the side project of !!! drummer Paul Quattrone.  He has joined forces with Eric Yeschke of the experimental band Dreadnots.  A lot can be said about the drumming talents of Paul, most of which are obvious, so we’ll just go ahead and skip that.  You’ve gotta be one bad ass drummer to start a band that includes only one other person who doesn’t employ a traditional instrument.  Paul’s fro also adds to his bad-assery.  You don’t see too many fros these days, especially on white guys.

Oh, but on to the music.  The night started out full of noise.  Brooklyn-based Zulus somewhat threw me off.  I wasn’t expecting such a heavy band to open, but they pulled it off.  They weren’t embarrassingly horrible like many of the bands that come through Brillo, making it there on their last $5 of gas, hoping someone will be fucked up enough to buy their shitty EP.  They were pretty solid.  In fact, a few people I talked to who weren’t there to see any band in particular liked Zulus the best.  Potatoe, po-tat-o.

TM Eye (pictured).  What a great name for a band.  It took me a minute to get it because I became distracted by the trademark element.  Having seen them before while opening for Das Racist, I wasn’t expecting much.  As an avid fan of electro pop and pretty much anything that has a beat I can dance while simultaneously clapping my hands – fully knowing that I am the shittiest dancer on the planet but not caring too much – my standards are high.  TM Eye stole the show, in my opinion.  The sold-out crowd was ready to tear up that 12”x12” tile of floor they got to claim for the night and everyone was probably well on their way to their second or even third ridiculously strong drink that Brillo is infamous for.  Seriously, if your ass is too hip to drink anything but beer, you should strongly reconsider.  That would be like selling dank nugs in the DEA cafeteria – what a waste.  But I digress.  TM Eye rocked it out righteously, and the purple shirt was a nice touch.

And then there’s Expensive Shit, another brilliant name for a band.  So brilliant that one of my friends ended up not coming because when she asked what I was doing and I said, “Expensive Shit at Brillo Box” she somehow thought I meant that the show was expensive. She wasn’t trying to pay any more than $20 to go to Brillo to see some band she’s clearly never heard of.  Broad missed out!  They rocked the house as per usual.  Having seen them multiple times by now, this show made it apparent that people are starting to recognize the band.  Sometimes even shitty bands from Williamsburg that pop up on Pitchfork can’t sell out Brillo, but Expensive Shit managed to do so without even releasing as much as an EP yet.  Look for them to blow up in the upcoming months.  And, check them out at the Winter Void 3 Fest (wtf kind of name is that for an event anyway?) Event link below.

Winter Void 3 Fest

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