Weekend Recap: Bassnectar

Published On April 19, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

With all that hair, it’s amazing Bassnectar can do anything – let alone cause a 2300-person venue boogie their bass faces off until they can’t stand anymore. Amidst the plethora of abandoned glowsticks on the sidewalks outside hid Bassnectar – who believes his fans don’t need glowsticks to rave their faces off. This factor is debatable, but as someone who missed that trend entirely, I can see the point.

His monstrous production left little to be desired in terms of visual stimulation. The difference between watching his set at Stage AE and the one he played at Mr. Smalls last year was tough to ignore. I had fun this time and well…last time I didn’t. It’s as simple as that. I will shy away from the obvious differences in venue capabilities and instead assume my tastes have changed. I can appreciate the whompy bass moreso now than I could this time last year. Some may view that as regression, but I would rather say that my tastes are evolving.

Though I generally understand the trends of the industry, one thing I’ll never be able to accept is why certain deejays can sell out a show well in advance, like Bassnectar did here in Pittsburgh – yet some can’t even seem to gain enough mainstream appeal to book a venue like Stage AE. While I dig the underground aspect of seeing certain deejays, there was a pronounced energy in the air that cannot be replicated at a smaller show. So while some may consider Bassnectar cheesy and poke fun at those who attend, I say – more power to ya! The typical Bassnectar fan is more likely to get into the underground scene than someone who would attend a Snoop Dogg or Lady Gaga show. I consider Bassnectar the training wheels of electronic music – a stage in the steps of what some might consider to be a more developed musical palate. A guilty pleasure for some, and a staple for others. You’ve gotta eat your taters and carrots before you can have dessert.

Guilty pleasure of the evening. Love this broad:

My apologies there are no photos – we’re working on that 🙂

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