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Published On July 4, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

We’re coming off one bender of a weekend. Between 1,2,3’s CD release party, DJ Ripley and PEMF and Lazercrunk we can’t pick a favorite. Stay tuned for an interview with MSTRKRFT this week, in which we will be talking with them about this weekend’s performance at Stage AE. For now, we have some nice things to say about 1,2,3 and their fantastic release party, which happened this past Friday at The Shop in Bloomfield. We came early, stayed late and tapped two kegs of Iron City before the second band was even finished playing.

I thought I was going to have to find something else to do that night because the buzz surrounding this show was so intense. We made sure to get there right at door time in case the show sold out, but we were lucky enough to enjoy a packed crowd without it being overcrowded. Sure the room was 500 degrees, but nobody seemed to mind. The music made up for it. Machete opened the night with a very fiery performance. The New Shouts were refreshingly solid and fun to dance to, but the true star of the evening was 1,2,3. Everyone in attendance was connected to a band member in some way. Their support in Pgh is strong, and for good reason. Their sound varied from minimal, acoustic guitar-driven songs to fun, poppy hooks that made everyone want to shake it. They pulled off both nicely, and I couldn’t help but notice how handsome and talented the lead singer was. His voice had a very classic sound to it. His talent is respectable. There’s no doubt that this is a group of very solid musicians.

I couldn’t help but think of The Walkmen when I watched them perform, but then again, I’m very partial. They pulled the same move as Cults did a few weeks ago when they skipped the formality of disappearing for an encore and just played the last song right away. No theatrics here, just genuinely good tunes. I can’t wait to see what they decide to do next. They need to play another show immediately.

We’re off to party on a boat. Have a fabulous, safe 4th!

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