Watch the Throne Tour

Published On November 26, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Two of hip-hop’s biggest stars will grace the Pgh with their presence this Sunday at Consol and you better believe we’ll be there! I plan on busting out my finest Baby Phat attire and boots with the fur for the occasion. And yes, for the record I do own both, though they are possibly the most hipstered-out versions of both brands. Whatev, tho. I’m not even going to begin to speak about the breadth of talent both of these fellas posses. You’re either a fan at this point, or you aren’t. I must warn you that I am going to attempt to review this show, so save the lols for Monday.

In the meantime, you can check out this feature GQ recently did on papa to be, Jay-Z.

As for Kanye, we’re not so sure what he’s been up to these days other than this tour. He may have some pent up anger against the Pgh since Wiz is dating his ex, Amber Rose. Who knows?

I was going to share some of my favorite Kanye and Jay-Z vids, but I stumbled upon this and it got me super pumped up to see the show. So watch, read the comments and get excited!

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