VIA Teaser Part III

Published On September 28, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

If you’ve made it this far in our VIA Teaser series, chances are you’re serious about attending the festival. In case you aren’t, we’re here to guide you through the final two nights of the festival so you know what you’re up against. This year’s line up is stacked with an assortment of up-and-comers paired against some veteran performers. Get excited, Pittsburgh, this here’s what it’s all about. Let your hair down, get loose, and party hard because you don’t have to wake up early the next day (we hope). VIA 2012 is upon us.

Friday, October 5 | A/V Showcase | 6000 Penn Ave | 9PM | 21+ | $25

Tiger and Woods

We caught Tiger & Woods at this year’s Movement Festival and have been hip to what these fellas have been doing for some time now. There is a cloud of mystery surrounding the duo of Larry Tiger & David Woods, who rarely do interviews. Their carefully produced disco jams evoke feelings of a bright summer day sipping lemonade poolside. Prepare to be taken back to sunnier times as you listen to the new mixed with the familiar, as they sample many recognizable hooks in their tracks. See if you can pick out what they’re cookin up on this track from their Wiki & Leaks compilation, which they gave away for free.

Spinn & Rashad

The duo of Dj Spinn and DJ Rashad will have your booty clappin in no time at all with their juke and footwork that’s Chicago born and bred. Their boundary-defying aesthetic is both inspiring and entertaining, and for some odd reason we can’t help but be reminded of Peanut Butter Jelly Time when listening to this track. Don’t ask why, just dance it out.


Pronounced “shun”, SSION has been making thought-provoking music and accompanying videos that blend pop art, gay disco and punk to create an image hard to ignore. When one thinks of the pop punk genre, this is certainly not what comes to mind. Experimental is an understatement. Innovative is a start. SSION is one of the more unique groups to come out of the indie scene in recent years.

Zuzuka Ponderosa

If you happened to catch Bomba Estereo a few months back at 6119, you’ll enjoy Zuzuka, a bold baile funk rap artist whose post-modern approach has been turning heads in New York and beyond. Her Dollar Van Demo was a video that particularly stuck out to us while checking out VIA’s rough music guide. Get ready for some sass.

Visual components for each performer include Jeremy Bailey, Katie Torn, Scott Andrew and Timothy Sherman. For more information and to watch videos from each of the artists, visit here. Friday’s after party, hosted by Humanaut, includes Santiago Salazar from Detroit’s Underground Resistance, who played last year’s festival, and Humanaut members Revy and Jason Cuban. Keep the party goin’ til the wee hours over at 6119.

Saturday, October 6 | A/V Showcase | 6000 Penn Ave | 6000 Penn Ave | 8PM | 21+ | $25

The mother load of VIA this year is without a doubt Saturday, where you’ll find four very different artists with one key thing in common – they BRING IT. If you recall, Gatekeeper visited Pittsburgh for a VIA one-off at Belvederes last year and knocked the socks off of the venue. It was the perfect mix of spooky ambiance, grime and a musical atmosphere straight out of a Freddie Krueger film.

Daughn Gibson

This Sub Pop artist spent some of 2012 opening for Yeasayer. His haunting, country-like ballads are emphasized by his rich baritone voice and corresponding loops. A perfect compliment to Gatekeeper if you ask us. He’s not bad to look at either.

These Mad Decent architects are purveyors of Moombahton, a sound that’s become increasingly popular in conjunction with other Mad Decent artists. According to VIA, “the duo have been praised in the pages of Spin and Rolling Stone, pumped on the airwaves of BBC Radio 1 and NPR, and revered at nightclubs and festivals across the planet”. We’re expecting a lot from these cats.


A legend in his own right, Moodymann is dedicated to keeping a distinctly black imprint on techno and house. He is synonymous with both genres and highly regarded as a tastemaker and highly influential to other producers/DJs in electronic music. This is Detroit techno at its finest. If you don’t experience anything else at VIA, consider this an absolute must.

Visuals for the night include some locals, VIA regulars and noobs. Head on over here to learn more about Andrew Benson, Thunder Horse Video, Chris Smalley, Luke Wyatt and Tabor Robak. If you have any energy left and want to extend the natural high you’ll experience after Saturday night’s spectacular showcase, head on over for 6119 for the 100% Silk afterparty which features heavy hitters like Ital, Laurel Halo, Magic Touch and M. Geddes Gengras. Rumor has it Red Bull Music Academy will be on site recording the set. Bring your A game!

Don’t forget about our giveaway for two Weekend Passes to the festival. Share with all the VIA virgins you know. They can thank us later.

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