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Published On July 19, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

I wanted to call this VIA Presents: A bunch of stuff, but I thought that wouldn’t be doing any of the acts proper justice, so I’ve sacrificed the abridged version for this long ass title. There’s going to be a lot packed into this evening of VIA-curated jams, but as per usual, they surely will not disappoint. We’re here to give you the rundown on each of the acts so that you don’t show up completely in the dark. It’s time to get acquainted with the next batch of VIA artists.

First up, artist Casey Hallas will provide the visual accompaniment to the sounds of the evening. Casey has been makin’ moves recently in the local scene, providing VJ sets for shows at Shadow Lounge, Istanbul and many other spots. He’s also a deejay who performs regularly at places like Eclipse, Cattivo and his very own Rocking Horse Artspace, which is located in Lawrenceville. A man of many talents, Casey is also a folk musician and poet. I’m sure there are some trades I am forgetting, but if you want to know more about what this cat is all about, be sure to check out Rocking Horse’s page.

Local favorite Cutups, one-half of the Stackin Paper duo alongside Keeb$ will open the evening. The diversity and range of his sets make him an ideal choice to get things rolling. You can check out one of his latest mixes on his Soundcloud page.

Next up, we have Majeure. I haven’t seen him perform since his amazing set during the In Flagranti show back in May. Majeure is the drummer for the space rock duo Zombi alongside Steve Moore. Expect Majeure’s music to be a bit more grounded than Zombi’s, whose music is sometimes described as “otherworldly”.

First of the out-of-towners is Gatekeeper, who opened this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Often described as witch-house electronica, Gatekeeper’s dark and eerie sounds might give you chills or turn you on, depending on what you’re into. The combination of 80s synths, paranoid electro and gothic ambiance should be an interesting transition into the final two acts.

I often lol at Myspace pages, and Teengirl Fantasy‘s takes the cake. It looks straight outta 1996. The font alone is enough to make me want to hop on an AOL message board and rant about Tori Amos’ music all day. Now, however, I’ve got better things to do, like tell you about how awesome Teengirl Fantasy is despite their purposely awful Myspace page. Hailing from rural Ohio’s musical hotbed of Oberlin College, the duo share an Alma mater with like minded electronic acts Future Shuttle and Blondes, who coincidentally will be gracing the VIA stage in October. Their rhythmic, R&B-infused sounds are emphasized by robust, synthetic drum machine beats to create a relatively minimal, yet experimental sound. Their passion for dance music will be sure to shine through during their set.

The Denver-based musician Pictureplane‘s tunes are a climactic close to the night, providing you with the soundtrack to keep you up way past your bedtime. Pictureplane had some help on recent release Thee Physical from LA-based post-punk experimental rock outfit HEALTH‘s Jupiter Keyes. His method of making music is very low-maintenance and homemade, an odd choice for his otherwise club-ready, soulful tendencies. It will be interesting to see how the crowd receives this guy, as his mix of genres are a detour from the path that VIA has otherwise paved. Stream the new album in its entirety here.

While you’re at it, peep this educational vid from four of the folks behind VIA. They talk shop and the reasons behind many of the intriguing choices they are making:

Full lodown on the event here.

A limited number of festival passes for October go on sale Wednesday the 20th at 1pm. For information on how you can get the best deal, visit their website.

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