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Published On June 16, 2014 | By Kate Magoc | Music

US Flag Brooklyn Bridge at Night Wallp TLGWe recently made a trip to the big apple to do a little exploring. The excursion was initiated by the stellar lineup of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival. But, as any trip to NY goes, we ended up discovering a slew of other cool things to check out over the weekend. And while we don’t typically tell tales of other city’s goings on, we thought you guys might like to hear about a few cool Brooklyn parties to hit up the next time you’re in the city that never sleeps. So if you’re looking to do a little northeasternly urban exploring, read on for some worthwhile late night destinations and musical happenings.

Red Bull Music Academy Festival

DJ Deeon

DJ Deeon

Red Bull, always much more than some dude jumping from space, curated the month-long fest to be just as educational as the academy itself. Spanning across the entire month of May, RBMA put on one show per night, each a tight collection of artists that represented a particular sphere within dance music. From a ballroom and vogue party to a showcase of all things hardcore, RBMA turned the club into a classroom.

And by club, we mean all the incredibly unique spaces that they inhabited throughout the fest: a street party featuring Larry Levan; the Haxan Cloak played at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple amidst a wild lazer show; while Jamie Lidell, Shigeto and many others played at Manahattan’s Town Hall. The fest moved around the city as much as the academy moves around the world.

We were lucky enough to experience the Lit City Trax night, a showcase of Jersey club, footwork, future bass and various other related styles. With very special guests, DJ Manny & RP Boo, the crew turned the former strip club space into a grime’n’bass rave full of well-dressed New Yorkers.

Be sure to keep RBMA events on your radar the next time you’re in NY.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Tucked deep in the heart of Williamsburg is a little spot called Bossa Nova Civic Club. When you enter, the word club almost feels like an anachronism, as the decor feels more like somewhere your drunk uncle would escape to sip on cheap beers and watch “the game.” But don’t be fooled by the laminate flooring and dated party hall look, the space actually plays host to some of the most forward-thinking techno and house music in New York’s underground. From the masterful roster of 100% Silk to a residency by L.I.E.S. alum, Steve Summers to former Fischerspooner DJ, Lauren Flax, Bossa Nova is akin to Hot Mass, but with more smoke machines and a bigger dance floor.

Head there around midnight and dance until 4am propped up by cheap beers and amazing music. Expect a mix of Brooklyn hipsters and well-dressed Manhattanites. Don’t let those labels fool you though. This club feels like home in so many ways.

Ancient Puzzle Arts

APAEven though there’s a million and one things to do in NY, sometimes all you really want is a little house party. Being that it’s Brooklyn though, the house party is actually a loft party and the typical iTunes-sourced playlist is actually some of the city’s finest DJ talent. We ended up at just that kind of loft party presented by the brand new label by former Pittsburgh resident, Alex Burkat. He, along with DJs Siyoung, Kid Chalupa and Josh Madoff tag-teamed the night away on a vinyl-only setup. Even after the keg, kicked the jams kept going.


TUTUAs some of our readers might know from visiting such venues as the City Club in Detroit or even Pittsburgh’s own Hot Mass bath house turned club, what you see on the outside is not always what you get on the inside. And that certainly rings true for Tutu’s at 25 Bogart St. in Brooklyn. It looks like a normal bar/restaurant but head downstairs and it’s an underground party appropriate for the dirtiest trapclub dancing.

Hosted by resident Jason Dirtyboogie Rivera, the ubiquitously hashtagged event goes on all throughout the summer, on Saturdays. The lineup is a barrage of club, trap, hip-hop and booty music. We got to catch NY trap and club kingpin of sorts, Cobra Krames and he certainly delivered all the booty shaking we needed that evening. Check him out here.

It was a wild weekend and there will surely be more to come. Stay tuned for more party travelogues where we’ll chronicle events in other cities that are kinda, sorta within driving distance. Party on, you guys.

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