Tracksploitation at Belvederes

Published On August 30, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

While we try to cover a wide variety of artists in the Pittsburgh area, some happen to catch our attention more than others. Whether it’s due to their incessant creation of new material, consistent touring schedules or innovative concepts, there are certain performers that are coming to the forefront of the Pittsburgh music scene. Without a doubt we can identify DJ duo Tracksploitation as an act worthy of this notoriety. We’ve covered certain Pittsburgh musicians multiple times here on Nak You Out, but few have been so gracious as to say, “I feel you have documented our growth these last few years and continue to do so. I get the biggest grin any time you ask me to do one of these. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” You’re welcome, Jordan (JCT45), and we couldn’t have such a successful site without artists such as yourself contributing to the cultural resurgence in this city. Tracksploitation has a gig this Friday night at Belvederes with Wink and the Signal and Free and Brandon of Mega-Def and we’re here to tell you a bit more about what to expect during this special performance.

Kymbo Slice: How did you end up collaborating with Lydia and Barrett for this upcoming show?
JCT45: Lydia and Barrett (Wink and the Signal) were regulars at our practice (Throw Down Thursdays). We had them play with us at a couple shows in the past. We were supposed to play a gig out of state with them but things didn’t work out so they still wanted to play a show. That’s when I suggested we rock with us at the end of August.

KS: What role will Brandon and Free play in the show? What is your relationship w/ the band?
JCT45: Brandon and Free will be doing remixed covers of their originals. They are the MC’s. We’ve played once with those guys at the Shadow Lounge earlier in the summer and it went great! I figure us, Lydia on violin/vocals , Barrett on bass/cello and the energy that Brandon and Free bring can make for one hell of a show! We LOVE Mega-Def, Mega-Definitely (see what I did there). They’re one of our favorite local bands. We’ve been talking about putting out a project together some time.

KS: What else is in the works for Friday?
JCT45 I had planned to get a live painter and giant puppets for this event. I would like our shows to be this avant-garde mash up of creativity. Still waiting to hear back about the puppets, but trust me, when this comes together it will add a nice touch to an already awesome night!
KS: Why Belvederes?
JCT45: We love the crowd that comes to Belvederes. Out of all the gigs we’ve played in Pittsburgh, Belvederes is in the top three of places people really get down and dance their faces off. Brandon Masi (Down and Dirby) introduced us to Joy (the guy that books) and we played a Friday earlier in the summer that went great. We were jamming with Langston Kelly (master saxophonist) and we loved it, they loved it, and Joy told us as soon as there is another night available we’re the guys.

If they’re your guys too, show your support by attending this show Friday night and scooping a tee! I’ve already seen quite a few people around town with them, and they’re pretty hot. I dig the color and design, which is courtesy of Phil Seth. They have new ones in the works, but these ones are going fast, so grab one from the first batch while you still can.

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