The Pittsburgh Musical Saw Festival

Published On May 25, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | Music

sawfest-e1368107610217 On May 30th at Thunderbird Cafe, the First Pittsburgh Musical Saw Festival will kick off in celebration of the unique and historical instrument known as the musical saw. If you already love the ethereal wail of the saw or you’re just curious about what the heck a musical saw is, the festival will be featuring it in all of its glory. The musical saw has a long history in American folk music with roots in the early 19th century in Appalachia. By the 1920s it reached mass recognition as vaudeville acts like the Weaver Brothers began incorporating it into their acts. Today many folk and bluegrass bands will feature the musical saw in their compositions. During the Pittsburgh Musical Saw Festival three local acts and one special visiting act will demonstrate the haunting tones of the saw during their performances. Each band utilizes the saw differently in their set, so you will experience the versatility of this novel instrument.

Featured Bands
Faithful Sinners – “Old Testatment Folk from Outer Space”, winner of “Best Song” award in the 2012 48 Hour Music Video Competition, openers for national touring acts such as Wild Belle, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Stephanie Nilles, and Pearl and the Beard.

Buddy Nutt – An extremely original one-man multi-instrument vaudevillian-like show. “Sounds like Fred Rogers meets R.Crumb.”

The Wayward Strangers – “A trio of local folk artists spanning generations (Rob Gray of Junktape Studios Local Music Radio, Jerry Sounds, and Keith Signs), collaborating to create ethereal yet gritty results (much like our hometown!)”

Roe Family Singers – from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This Americana group plays original indie folk with an old-timey sound, and has won the title of “World’s Best Jug Band” in 2010 and 2012 at the Battle of the Jug Bands, as well as the prestigious McKnight Foundation Fellowship for Performing Musicians.

We encourage you to check out the Pittsburgh Musical Saw Festival and this one of a kind lineup. It starts at 8:30 and the cover is only $5.

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