The PEMF Post – Part Three

Published On June 27, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

July 3rd is quickly approaching. What better way to kick off your Monday than with a little Q & A from Ghostly International/Moodgadget artist Mux Mool. This guy’s been turning heads a lot recently, and has played quite a few gigs in the Pgh over the past year or two. If you haven’t had a chance to see him yet, I highly recommend it. He reminds me a bit of Onra and Nosaj Thing, but with his own twist. I’m not one to make comparisons when it comes to this type of music, because I don’t have the depth of knowledge I would like to have on the subject, but I’ve seen all three of these cats live and their live styles are strikingly similar. So, sit back, relax and get to know a little bit more about Mux Mool, who by the way, picked that name as the result of asking his fans via MySpace to pick a name for his project. “Mux is short for ‘multiplexing,’ which is the streaming of many types of information through one channel,” he explains, “and Chac-Mool is an ancient Meso-American statue of a reclining man.” Yep, we stole that from Wikipedia. Don’t hate.

KS: How often do you come in contact with your labelmates? Everyone seems so independent of one another.
MM: I don’t get to see the whole crew very often, most of us are in other places doing other things at all times. I see Shigeto quite a bit, we are great friends and we both live in Brooklyn so we hang out as much as possible. I see Michna and Com Truise every now and then at shows and what not too. Ghostly recently had a photo shoot with Tim Saccenti where it was me, Shigeto, School of Seven Bells, Michna, and Matthew Dear and that was a really cool afternoon just hanging out with Ghostly crew, old and new school.

KS: What type of equipment do you use?
MM: For equipment, I stick to the simplest things. I notice that sometimes being ‘gear-centric’ can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Some people explore equipment and really get great new sounds, and others sometimes just tend to use gear more than their imaginations and all you have is just a pile of wires and boxes. For me, I have always always been computer minded, and as far as controllers, I have the same 44 key midi keyboard I started with, the M-Audio Trigger Finger for performance, and I just picked up an Akai, MPD-32 which I have yet to fully program. I think I’d like to get more into live synths tho, but none of the standard stuff. I’d like to get home made or unique, versatile pieces and work with those.

KS: New artists you’re currently crushing on?
MM: I’m digging Sam Obey who lives here in Brooklyn. He’s great, it’s all really solid and original. He’s got such a clean sound going on. I’ve been steadily crushing on Bibio for a while, he really brings good song writing to beat making which is important I think. The new Machinedrum album is amazing, probably my favorite Machinedrum sounds to date. Also, MNDSGN, Knxwledge, and Devonwho are all great great musicians. Uh, I like what I been hearing from Lando Kal since he moved away too, I’m feelin’ it.

KS: Who would you really like to play a show with?
MM: As far as shows go, I’m in the middle somewhere. I like to play parties, and I like people to get down, but I’m not the kind of producer DJ combo that really makes people’s minds completely blown! Part of me wants to play bigger shows with some bigger acts, but I think a truer part of me wants to play with my Moodgadget homies like Shigeto, Sun Hammer, Charles Trees and Mogi Grumbles. It’s just sometimes, bigger shows seem like great promotion, but if you have a whole slew of kids ripping their hair out to see the main act, they aren’t gonna feel what you’re doing no matter WHAT you’re doing. I just want to play in any situation where people are open enough to just listen, dance if you want, but just nod your head at least.

KS: Favorite Pittsburgh gig to-date?
MM: Ha, favorite Pittsburgh gig to date, hm. Well, it was REALLY cool to play with Bassnectar at the almost brand new Stage AE a while back. I like it when venues are really nice with nice private rooms and bathrooms. I’d say my real favorite though was when I came through with Two Fresh earlier this year. One of my songs was gonna be played on the Conan O’ Brien show that night, and I just felt really good about that, and I played just the beats I wanted to for a small, attentive crowd at the Brillobox, then after I got done, some girl said she loved me, and then I went upstairs and heard my song on Conan. It was just an all around great night I suppose.

KS: Future projects in the works?
MM: For projects, I’m trying to start a side project with Shigeto soon, but I’m also finishing up my 2nd full length album right now called “Planet High School” set to be released on Ghostly International in November this year. I think I’m just kinda open right now. I think I’m finally gonna start giving these rap beats to rappers and see what comes back. I’m doing an EP with P.O.S. that I’m really excited about. I also been thinking a lot about picking up a guitar. I guess we’ll just have to see.

We will have to see Mr. Mool, we will. And you can see too, if you get your ass to the Pittsburgh Electronic Music Festival, hap’nin this Sunday at the outdoor part of Stage AE. So get to gettin’ on them tickets! You’ll be hard pressed to find something else to do on a Sunday.

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