The New Years Eve Party Guide

Published On December 28, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

You might still be digesting from yesterday’s holiday meal, traveling back to the PGH, heading back to work or enjoying the tail end of your holiday break – either way – now that Christmas is over with, we’ve got New Years Eve on the brain. We’re here with another holiday party guide to help you decide what in the world to do in the 412 to send 2011 out with a bang. Maybe there are more house parties this year, because we’re rather surprised there aren’t more options. Don’t let that stop you from finding something to tickle your fancy. Below is a list of everything we could find, as well as some recommendations of our own. Planning ahead never hurt anyone!

First, we’ll hit you with a few of our favorite haps for celebrating NYE to the fullest. Everyone has different taste, but we’d like to think we know a thing or two about how to woop it up.

Peaceburgh at the First United Methodist Church in Friendship

Most people want some booze on New Years to celebrate but some of us are high on life. The Peaceburgh Community is hosting a one of a kind New Years Celebration where they asked, “What would the Mayans do on NYE for 2012?” It’s not about the end of the world folks, it’s about a brand new beginning, total transformation. In fact the Mayan prescription for 2012 is to live in joy and that’s exactly what the Peaceburghers are doing at the First United Methodist Church in Friendship. There may not be booze but there will be a night filled with DJs spinning every thing from classic soul to reggae, fire dancers, yoga, drum circles, gonging, live art, massage, reiki, tarot readings, and even a little hip hop from our own Kellee Maize. The party goes from 8pm to 4am, so you can always swing by after your other shindigs. They are requesting donations from $10 + at the door. Go enjoy a new paradigm of partying with this inspirational community.

If queer haps are your thang, we recommend the following:

The Big Bang 2012 at Cattivo

Cruze Bar’s 1st Annual New Years Eve Party

If you’re looking to go a bit more classy than usual this year, hit one of these up:

Fire and Ice New Years Eve Party at Rivers Casino

NYE 2012 at The Sky Club

New Years Eve Dance Cruise on the Gateway Clipper

Looking to rave? Get your face melted at the following events:

Time Travel 2012 at the Irish Centre of Pittsburgh

ALL I DO IS PARTY – New Years at The Greater Pittsburgh Colliseum

Into top 40 dance music? Fist pump the night away here:

5th Annual Bliss 2011 at Diesel Club Lounge

New Years Eve at Whim feat. DJ Nugget

New Years Eve at Static Nightclub

If you’re into abstract, off the beaten path dance music and you’re trying to goof it up for NYE, we suggest:

SHINY SHINY at Brillobox

Sinferno/ Hanging Garden New Years Eve Party at Cattivo

Cure for Restless New Years Eve at Remedy

Want to get gritty, down and dirty? Into hip-hop, old school, breaks or funk? This is for you:

Get Your New Years On, Cuz at Construction Junction

GO HARD NYE PARTY at Garfield Artworks

The Poogie Bell Band at Club Cafe

Do you get bored easily? Entertain your ADD ass at the following:

Mr. Smalls 10th Anniversary 2012 New Years Eve Celebration

First Night Pittsburgh Downtown

And if you’re looking for something a bit more mellow or acoustic, grab a doob for the road and head here:

AcoustiCafe presents First Night at the August Wilson Center

Steve Kimock & Friends NYE 2011 at The Rex Theater

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