The Come Up – "In Good Hands" Mixtape Review

Published On July 2, 2011 | By Bonus Chopper | Music

Breaking off from the talent heavy, Pittsburgh rap collective The 58s, sturdy-versed MC’s Franchise and Vinny Radio comprise The Come Up: a small side project produced entirely by I.D. Labs stalwart beatmaker Big Jerm as focused and concise as The 58’s are eclectic and sprawling. Early June saw the release of their debut mixtape  In Good Hands, a solid, well-manicured collection of street-easy jams, dripping with J. Dilla-inspired beats and casual cocksure flows that anticipate the languid pace of the summer to come.

And no song on this relatively small mixtape (11 tracks is basically an EP in the rap game) personifies the humid haze of a Pittsburgh July better than the paradoxically titled track “Innocent Sins.” Big Jerm cuts up a quiet arrangement of twinkling woodwins for a breezy beat that takes its time but never evolves into staid fluff.  Franchise and Vinny switch hit bars with such seamless transitions it becomes difficult on occasion to distinguish one MC from the next. This isn’t a criticism. Once you pick up on the subtle differences in cadences and tempo (Franchise’s flow is a little more high pitched a light-footed, while Vinny’s rhyme is on a slightly lower frequency, with a delivery that’s more gruff) it’s fascinating to hear these two Pittsburgh scene veterans swap the mic with the comfortable chemistry that can only be forged during live peformances.

Franchise and Vinny do 99% of the heavy lifting lyrically, only calling on fellow 58’s compatriots B. White and Mayo for the late track “Teamwork,” for any support. The posse track hits a little harder than the rest of the lot, banging with the blacksploitation-vibe of Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly soundtrack with twanging guitars, rusty horns and a subdued outro that wouldn’t be out of place playing over the end credits of Coffy.

All in all, The Come Up is another rock solid piece of Pittsburgh hip-hop from two (three if you count Big Jerm) of the scene’s finest purveyors of classic, east-coast rap. This is one side project you should not ignore.

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