Stackin Paper "Huge Show"

Published On August 9, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Stackin Paper PittsburghOur friends over at Lazercrunk had to come up with a plan B for their monthly event, as the Brillobox is on summer hiatus this week. When confronted with a bump in the road, these guys do it big. They’re utilizing their Stackin Paper alias to throw a banger tonight at Belvedere’s. For the small fee of $6 you can twerk, shake and boogie the night away at a smoke-free Belvies. They’re inconveniencing the smokers for one night to save the lungs of those who make better life choices, though, we can’t speak for the other odors Belvs produces.

You’re probably thinkin…who’s this clown posing against a wall of paint swatches? It’s Myrryrs, and we’ll refrain from the obvious jokes and tell you a bit more about him rather than ridiculing the spelling of his name. We too have experience with y’s replacing other letters in our name, only it was imposed at birth, so if anything, we’ve got more cred.

Myrryrs has connections with Nashville and Phoenix, but he reps Memphis on the reg. He’s on Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL’s Body High label which is known for bringin the bass. This southern boy loves to cook and was recently featured on Vice in conjunction with the nickname he’s given his current Southside Horror Tour – the Myrryrs Spicy Food Challenge USA. This tour is supporting his recent EP release of the same name (Southside Horror). Have a listen below.

And if you’re really tryin to turn out the rest of your Friday afternoon, check out his Boiler Room appearance. We’ll see you tonight at Belvedere’s.

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