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Published On July 6, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

So little time! We have a dilemma on our hands, which comes in the form of two cool shows happening in one night. If that’s the worst of our problems, I’d say we’re doing pretty well. We’re here to tell you about a few shows coming up next week that you shouldn’t be missing. And no – we’re not speaking of Animal Collective. That sold out in less than 3 hours and we already have our tix. Ya snooze, ya lose! Instead, let’s get excited for Cut Copy at Altar Bar on Monday the 11th, Wild Nothing/Twin Sister at the Club at Stage AE Wednesday the 13th and Gang Gang Dance at Brillo Box on Sunday the 17th.

First up, 1,2,3 is opening for Cut Copy. If you happened to catch any of our coverage of their CD release party that took place last weekend, you know what you’re in for. I can’t wait to see them again, this time at a larger venue. I think they will set the tone for the night and take it in a positive direction in order to get everyone lubed up enough to dance for the remainder of the show. It’s hard to believe that Cut Copy has been around for about ten years now. They’ve managed to establish themselves as a reputable and solid new wave band, touring with Daft Punk and headlining 2011’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Their most recent release, Zonoscope, is a solid follow-up to 2008’s In Ghost Colours, an album that surpassed expectations by not falling victim to the cursed sophomore album slump so many artists become a party to. With the recent venue change from Club Zoo to Altar Bar, I’m feeling more optimistic about this show. As far as I know, Zoo does not serve alcohol. No matter how good the music may be, it never hurts to have a couple of brews in your system to loosen up. Think of it as the pre-workout stretch in booze form. We’re also happy our sponsor, Iron City, will be at the event, so keep an eye out for the beer gals who can let you know about the evening’s specials. Read a Q & A with the band by one of our friends at the Washington Observer-Reporter, Andy McNeil. Then, get in the mood with this nifty little Toro y Moi remix that dropped yesterday:

Blink And You’ll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix) by cutcopymusic

It’s tough to talk about the sold-out Animal Collective show happening at Mr. Smalls on the 13th without someone getting jealous, but we felt the need to mention it. Deradoorian of the Dirty Projectors is opening. Rumor has it Opus has been releasing a handful of tickets here and there, so keep an eye on the Facebook page if you’re serious about attending. I really, really want to hear this song live. I think it would be one of the top ten concert moments of the year for me if it happens:

Next up, we’ve got Wild Nothing and Twin Sister at Stage AE‘s club space. Both bands have been making their rounds on the blogosphere, making it a tough call to say who’s really the headliner here. Both are worthy, and perhaps supporting group Twin Sister is even more relevant at the moment having come off a fantastic year in 2010 with their “All Around And Away We Go” single gaining a lot of attention.

We can’t forget about this Wild Nothing gem, though:

Wild Nothing – Chinatown from Jack Tatum

Finally, what I’m most curious about, is Gang Gang Dance. They’re fairly new to me, but as soon as I heard one track, I was hooked. They’re right up my alley. Poke fun if you want, but one of my fave bands, Hot Chip, holds them in the same regard I do: “Gang Gang Dance are my favorite group going right now – and have been for a few years. Their live shows are incredible, their sound completely unique and inventive. It is rare to hear music so exciting and full of ideas. They’ve got a good beat, and I can bug-out to it.” -Alexis Taylor That’s all I really needed to hear to be convinced, but then the Klaxons had to chime in as well, “Gang Gang are the sound of some soon-to-be-found tribe lurking in the wings of forever. They seamlessly blend the sound of something so otherworldy while seeming so familiar. The pied pipers of Never Never Land. ‘St Dymphna’ casts shadows over the Burj Dubai.” -Simon Taylor His take on it is a bit more odd, but hey, I love the Klaxons too and respect the musical tastes of both. If you make music I like, I like music you like. Try saying that ten times fast. I did and it took me twice as long to write this post.

Check out their Best New Music-ed track, Glass Jar, though I very much prefer this video/song. Her vocals remind me of the broad from The Knife and Fever Ray:

I think we’ve covered enough today. And please, I urge you to remember this post when you yell at me for not telling you about a certain show. It’s all here baby, for your listening pleasure.

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