Ska Fans Unite at the “Spring Fling Ska Thing Series”

Published On February 19, 2015 | By Jenna Moen | Music
kill lincoln2

Kill Lincoln; Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

If you’re a ska music fan in Pittsburgh and you’ve ever felt lonely, you’re not the only one. The Pittsburgh ska scene hasn’t gotten a ton of exposure in the past, but it does exist in the corners of the city, and come spring, it’ll be flood into the open. Don’t Let the Scene Go Down on Me!, a local collective of DIY promoters that have been scheduling concerts since 2007, decided that ska needs attention. So, they’ve conjured up a series of upcoming concerts, calling it “The Spring Fling Ska Thing Series.”

Starting on March 7, Kill Lincoln is performing at Thrill Mill, along with Pat the Bunny, Brook Pridemore, and BARONS. D.C.’s Kill Lincoln recently released the LP, “That’s Cool… In a Totally Negative and Destructive Way”, with Jump Start Records, featuring 10 tracks of clamoring guitar and blistering horns relentless in energy.

On March 21, The Best of the Worst is coming to Mr. Roboto Project with other New Jersey bands: Free Throw, Roulette Waves, and Scrap Kids. The Best of the Worst are more hardcore heavy, as heard in their most recent EP, “Natural Born Haters.”

all people

All People; Photo Credit: Rodrigo Gianesi

On April 6, All People, a four piece band from New Orleans (and definitely the most eclectic of the bunch) will also be performing at Mr. Roboto Project. With a worldly sound, their newest LP, “Communicate”, is a compilation of atmospheric dub reggae, expressive punk, and abrasive hardcore, interlaced with afro-beat rhythms, poetry, and mindful lyrics. All People will be appearing with Trash Bag, another local Pittsburgh ska band.

The All People tracks below are the first and last on their LP, “Communicate.” It’s a 22-minute musical story that evolves from laid-back reggae tones to a driving force of explosive punk.

Whether you’re a hardcore ska fan, and this is a dream come true, or you’re just getting ready to dive into some fresh, new music, this spring will be a special one for the Pittsburgh ska scene. Make sure to check out one or all of the performances happening here in the coming months.

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