Shaky Shrines’ Double Album Release Party

Published On January 27, 2016 | By Mackenzie Sugrue | Music

Shaky_at_Best_CovFor most successful artists, an album per year would be considered a good pace. But Pittsburgh’s Shaky Shrines have set the bar just a bit higher. Since their debut in the summer of 2013, they’ve released a total of seven compilations, showing persistent drive and dedication to their craft.

Braden Faisant and Nate Hanson started Shaky Shrines just two and a half years ago, and they’ve since started working towards making their mark on the music scene here in Pittsburgh. After dropping three releases in just one year, the group’s played multiple shows in venues all over the city.

With each album, they’ve consistently worked together to develop upon a sound that’s something all their own, that of which has made them a staple among Pittsburgh’s artist community.

shakyComposed of Chelsea Rumbaugh (vocals/keys), Nate Campisi (bass), Chris Weaver (drums), Dave Cerminara (guitar), Faisant (frontman), and Hanson (guitar)–the band continuously strives to create and built upon their unique, experimental take on psychedelic music.

In a previous interview with NYO, frontman Faisant credits their success to “incredibly driving bass playing,” and their influence of a “deep love and appreciation of all things psychedelic.”

To read more behind-the-scenes tidbits regarding their previous projects and creation process, you can check out our interview with Shaky Shrines from last year’s block party.

This month, Shaky Shrines members will celebrate the release of two new albums, “Shaky At Best,” and “Feels Wonderful.” You can listen to “Shaky At Best,” on their bandcamp page, or check out a track from the album below:

“Close Call (Adderall Anxiety)”

The show begins at 9PM on Saturday, February 9 at Cattivo (146 44th St. Pittsburgh, Pa) with opening support from World’s Scariest Police Chases and DJ DZ Dave Zak. General admission begins at $7.

For $10, guests receive admission + some free goodies–including copies of “Shaky At Best,” “Feels Wonderful,” and “Satanic Panic.”

For those who still have yet to experience a live performance from these talented individuals, be sure to stop out at their Cattivo gig and get immersed in their psychedelic sound.

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