Road to Roo

Published On June 15, 2011 | By Sweet1Lani | Music

This year Nakturnal got to send a crew down to the 10th Anniversary of Bonnaroo in Tennesse because our girl Kellee Maize won a chance to perform from Sonicbids.  Armed with backstage passes, we had a behind the scenes experience of all that is Roo!

We arrived Thursday and after setting up the RV, we went to check out J Cole, one of the 8 hip hop acts performing this year along with Eminem, Wiz, Lil Wayne, Atmosphere, Big Boi, Chitty Bang, and Kellee Maize.  The crowd was packed and L’s were blazing.  He definitely put on a tight show, his flow is smooth and his lyrics are more thoughtful than your average hip hopper.  We definitely took advantage of the chance to meet him backstage after his set.


On Friday we had to choose between checking out Atmosphere or the Decemberists as they went on at the same time.  As big of an Atmosphere fan I am (Nak helps bring him to Pittsburgh every year) I had never seen the Decemberists so we opted to check them out from backstage.  The experience was unreal.  We got to hang out in these two tiered rafters on the side of the stage.  The vantage point was pretty dope, we were so close we could spit on them (don’t worry we refrained from that!).  The Decemberists put on a great live set, they have fun with the crowd and interacted often.  I was most impressed with Jenny Conlee, as she wore many hats including playing accordion, piano, organ, keyboard, glockenspiel, melodica, and singing.  The crowd went wild for The Rake Song, as depressing as the lyrics are, you can’t help but sing along.


Saturday was Kellee’s big day.  The turn out for her set was great and we even had some fans from Pittsburgh waving terrible towels throughout.  We were happy to see the attendees crowd around the stage and dance and sing along with her lyrics. Shout out to DJ Bonics as well for coming by and checking out the set!


We were on a tight schedule as Kellee needed to be back in Pittsburgh for two performances on Sunday for the Arts Fest and Pridefest, so our last show to check out was our boy, Wiz Khalifia.  The crowd looked infinite from our vantage point.  TGOD signs were everywhere and a haze of herbage floated above.  Wiz and Bonics held it down hyping the crowd and we swelled with pride when the audience busted out the terrible towels for Black and Yellow.  We even got a close up peek at Lil Wayne as he stood backstage checking out the set (looks like their mini-beef has been resolved).

All in all we had an amazing journey.  We couldn’t have made this trip without the support of our sponsors.  vitaminwater kept us hydrated (essential in that Tennesse heat), Iron City kept us buzzed (reppin the burgh!), EcoSmart kept the bugs away (again an essential out there), and Body Rock Sport gear kept us looking hot while feeling cool as we did yoga each morning!  Much Love!















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