Red Western Record Release Show @ Warhol’s Winter Sound Series

Published On February 1, 2016 | By Leah Kennedy | Music

Photo Cred: Benjie Heasley

Frequent festival- and showgoers have probably caught a performance by Pittsburgh outfit, The Red Western. The local collective is a favorite among many, who’ve not only surprised us with consistencies in their releases, but with consistent, forward-thinking progressions in their sound.

Founded in 2007, the 4-piece band is now fronted by songstress/guitarist, Lauren DeLorenze, Jay Leon (bass), Jon Gunnell (guitar), and Sean Finn (drums).

Although members were initially inspired by alt-country influences, they’ve more recently transitioned to prominent power pop elements infused with punk and indie rock.

The departure of former band member Sean Soisson led to the band’s regrouping back in 2013, with members focusing on adjustments to their live performances, along with collaborated songwriting workshops to revisit unreleased material and sample new sounds.

The local collective also cites their development in music tastes and the sounds they grew up on as the driving forces behind experimenting with new genres:

red western 3

Photo Cred: Pittsburgh Music Report

“I think when the band started, it had more of a project feel. We were really into alt-country at the time, and we wanted something that fit that,” guitarist Jon Gunnell stated on WYEP’s Morning Mix. “But all of us grew up on punk rock, so it was only a matter of time before things got louder.”

This month, the band celebrates the release of their double-EP during the February Winter Sound Series at the Warhol–a curated concert series of adventurous new sounds complimented by artists among various genres.

Red Western’s performance will showcase an eclectic body of work synchronized with multiple elements from their two-part album. Dubbed “Sirens and Arrows,” the album delivers a collection of breezy indie pop tracks (“Sirens“) complimented by complex, guitar heavy rhythms (“Arrows”).

The concert kicks off in the entrance of the Warhol Museum Saturday, February 6 at 8PM. General admission tickets are $10; and $8 for members and students.

Take a listen to some new material from “Sirens,” and get amped for their upcoming performance:

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