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Published On October 20, 2014 | By Nuria Marquez | Music
red bull

Photo Credit: Red Bull Thre3Style

Red Bull Thre3Style is a worldwide competition in search of the most technically skilled DJs out there. It all started in Canada six years ago, and since then, 20 different countries from Taiwan to Peru have participated in this global exhibition. Not only has this brought some of the most talented DJs to the forefront, but also pinning these artists against one another makes for one giant global throw-down.

Thre3Style gives performers a chance to showcase not just their technical skills on the turntable, but also their ability to get a party going in the crowd. Judges will be looking to see if each DJ can gauge audience reactions and use their skills to improvise accordingly. Each 15-minute performance is a chance for the artist to show off their creativity and originality of song choices, spinning skills, and overall stage presence.

Scores are calculated from the following criteria:

  • 20% Originality of your Track Selection
  • 30% Creativity of your mixing
  • 30% Technicality of your mixing
  • 10% Stage Presence
  • 10% Crowd Response

Last year’s World DJ Championship finale took place in Baku, Azerbaijan with the 2014 final six from countries like Brazil, the United States, and the Philippines. German DJ Eskei83 took the title of 2014 Thre3Style Champion. His set during the German finals quickly went viral making him a strong contender in the finale. Later in an interview with Red Bull, he said that this competition was a way for him to make a name not only for himself, but for all German DJs.

Red Bull Thre3style is currently accepting US submissions. If you’re interested, you can get the details and fill out the form here. All applications are seen by a group of five expert judges: Jazzy JeffZ-TripSkratch Bastid, and previous winners, Four Color Zack and Hedspin. If you make it past the first round, you’ll go on to compete in a series of regional competitions before the National Final in Phoenix, AZ. The best will come together for one final spin in Tokyo.

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