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Published On August 12, 2014 | By Madeline Weiss | Music

rant flyer pittsburgh eventsRANT, or the Rock All Night Tour, is coming back for its third annual show on Saturday, August 16. You’ll have the opportunity to party all day and night in one of Pittsburgh’s favorite neighborhoods, with over twenty-five different venues and 100+ performers. It starts at noon and continues until 2AM. RANT is a particularly cool event because all of the participating venues have a line-up that’s based on one or two specific themes or genres, and they’re all located within a general proximity to one another. So when your buddies want to check out some rockabilly and you want to listen to some folk, there’s a lot of room for compromise. Butler Street is known for its hip bars and restaurants, so there will be plenty to eat and drink throughout the day. The music is the real attraction today, and so, we’ve selected some notable performances.

At the Lawrenceville Farmer’s Market from 12:30-4PM, treat yourself to an open busking zone. Busking, if you aren’t familiar, is basically performing on the street for tips. You’ll be able to hear tunes of all kinds by local musicians while you shop for goods at the market. We can’t predict who will be there, but that’s part of the surprise. We can say, at the very least, that the Lawrenceville Farmer’s Market is a great spot to snag locally-grown produce and other items from hometown vendors, so the music is a plus.

At Stinky’s Bar, make sure you check out the third annual Blacktop Cannibals Car Show, which goes on from noon until 6PM. This classic car cruise is perfect for any auto fanatic. You can check out the accompanying music asrant blacktop pittsburgh events well, with acts like Vertigo Go, Masters of The Universe, Allegheny Rhythm Rangers, The Gimmie 5s, and Shot O’ Soul. It’s gonna be a beachy, cruisin’ show, and it’s all ages up until 7PM.

For some more upbeat rock music, head down to The Zone at 7PM. Music will be played by the likes of Stone Cold Killers, Chip DiMonick, The Bloody Seamen, and Sneaky Mike. The Zone serves gourmet ice cream and hot dogs and is operated by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western PA and this particular show is all ages.

Thunderbird Cafe is a staple to the Lawrenceville music scene, and they’re a big player in RANT’s indie music performances from 8PM-2AM, with local bands like Boon, Chrome Moses, Working Breed, Coronado, and Paddy the Wanderer. These bands make the Thunderbird Cafe a must-see for anyone at RANT interested in indie music.

Kickback Pinball Cafe is going to be hosting a lineup from 7-10:30PM that gathers a blend of punk and folk music at once. The two genres sound very different, but with Pittsburgh’s location in the Appalachian Mountains as well as our post-industrial, punky sentiments, the two audiences should blend well. You’ll be seeing Sticker Kids, Black Bear Mute, Destanie Armagost – Toy Life, Union Rye, and Jayke Orvis. While you’re there, check out some of their awesome food and coffee, but most importantly the array of pinball machines from which it takes its name.

At the Andy Johanson Photography Studio from 7PM to 2AM, garage band fans can treat themselves to the Get Hip Records Artist Showcase, featuring Sikes, City Steps, Nox rant pittsburgh eventsBoys, Pow Wows, and The Cynics. Get Hip Records has been around since the 1980s, stamping record after record of all different kinds of music.

Row House Cinema, one of our favorite new places in the ‘Burgh, will put on a punk show in their theater from 8PM to 2AM. The lineup features Hard Money, Amoeba Knievel, The Lopez, Pond Hockey, and Dumplings. These are some of our goofiest local performers, and they’re all known for putting on some weird and exciting shows. In such a cool venue, these sets will be an absolute must-see.

For a full schedule of venues and performers, check out this list here. Share your favorite RANT moments with us on Twitter @Nak_You_Out

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