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cocorosieWhen I think of musical instruments, children’s electronic toys are not the first things that come to mind – especially one that plays Elmo’s well-known giggle.


But these sounds make their way into the music of CocoRosie and for some reason we can’t quite figure out, it works for them.


Sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady (nicknamed by their mother Coco and Rosie respectively) have been collaborating and producing music together for ten years now. Their first album La maison de mon rêve was released in 2004, after the two spent an entire summer recording in Sierra’s apartment in France. The sisters had been distant for some years before, until one day Bianca showed up out of nowhere on her sister’s doorstep.

As a group they are not just singers, but performers. They combine their talents with different instruments to create songs that are unique from one another – ranging from a harder hip-hop feel to slow and somber instrumentals.


Bianca operates the children’s toys and plays the clarinet, various flutes, and percussion instruments, while Sierra plays the harp, piano, and guitar.


CocoRosie performed strictly as a duo early on, but in recent years they have appeared with various backing musicians at live shows – usually a bassist, synth player, and beatboxer. From their music, fans receive a true live experience.



Sierra’s voice has an eerie, haunting sound that is empowering and full. Her training as an opera singer while in France allows her to control her voice flawlessly. When she is not leading a song, she is providing operatic rifts in accompaniment to her sister.


Bianca’s voice is different – she is the groove of the group. She sings with a raspy, cracky whine that switches from pop-rap to vocals interchangeably, but flows with the melody of their “freak folk.”


In May, CocoRosie released their fifth studio album Tales of a GrassWidow to positive reviews, like the following from Pitchfork:  “GrassWidow highlights CocoRosie’s most practical songwriting, with vocals that are often refreshingly natural and fluent.”



Check out CocoRosie on one of their last stops of their North American Tour on November 8th at The Altar Bar. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

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