AltarTV’s Pittsburgh Acoustic Guitar Project

Published On August 14, 2014 | By Madeline Weiss | Music

acoustic guitar project pittsburgh eventsAll summer, AltarTV has been bringing you acoustic sets from talented local musicians, focusing on a new one each week. The Acoustic Guitar Project is a worldwide project started back in 2012. It works like this: a musician is selected in each city for each week of the project. Then, they’re given some equipment and the artists have one week to write and record a song of their own using only the materials given to them. By the end of the week, they sign the guitar and give it to the next musician. After it’s reached the designated number of pre-selected musicians, the guitar is retired until the filming of a showcase concert on August 22nd.

In Pittsburgh, which is Project 23, the guitar first met Lianna Ankey, the vocalist of Household Stories. They’re an indie band that sets out to create songs with intricate care, producing big sounds and big feelings in their tunes. Lianna, with her band, has shared stages with names like Said the Whale and Drowning Men. She passed the guitar on to Jon Bindley, a singer-songwriter who specializes in indie-folk songs. He has a unique voice that suits our Appalachian location, making soft, thoughtful tunes that are genuine and sweet.

Brooke Annibale, a Pittsburgh native, was next in this acoustic relay. She boasts a lyrical confidence and eloquence unique for someone her age. Her acoustic pop music is thoughtful and sticks with you, while leaving you wanting more. Next up was Nathan Zoob of Wreck Loose, a buzzworthy local band who creates piano-driven garage tunes that have a unique pop quality to them, making them hard to forget.

Finally, the guitar went to Morgan Erina of Broken Fences. She’s been living in Pittsburgh since 2010, and she and her bandmate create passionate, indie-folk tunes that rely on exciting, unpredictable harmonies that are one of a kind. Check out some work from a past project:


These six musicians are joining veterans that have already completed the task at hand. Roger Harvey (of Roger Harvey & the Wild Life), Ricardo Iamuuri, Paul Luc, Andre Costello (of Andre Costello & the Cool Minors) and Seth Milly (formerly of The Composure, vocalist/guitarist of Milly), will perform their individual pieces in a show together. The showcase for The Acoustic Guitar Project will be filmed at the AltarTV studios on August 22nd.

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