A Silent Film at Altar Bar

Published On November 12, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

A Silent Film PittsburghIt’s a shame that most Americans are so late to the party when it comes to catching on to new music from Europe and beyond. If it isn’t on the radio leaving a constantly rotating imprint on your brain, then chances are the average U.S. listener won’t pick up on it. We hate to admit that we’re even guilty of this. We try to stay on top of new music, especially touring bands, but thought UK piano rockers A Silent Film were new to the game. We’d first heard whispers of their talent in 2012, when their sophomore album Sand & Snow dropped, but were surprised to learn they’ve been around since 2005. They’re familiar with life on the road and have managed to pass the sophomore album slump with flying colors. In fact, many would say this album left far more of an impression on American listeners than their 2010 debut, The City That Sleeps, which was mostly due to their first U.S tour leaving the band enamored and inspired by Americana.

Often compared to the likes of Snow Patrol, Coldplay and The Killers, A Silent Film mimics a sound that many late twenty-somethings can admire, a sound that likely reminds them of transitioning from high school to college ten years ago. We were certainly into sappier jams back in the day. We’ve since toughened up a bit, but can still enjoy this nonetheless.

You can catch A Silent Film this Thursday, November 14 at The Altar Bar for their very first Pittsburgh appearance. The show starts at 7PM and tickets can be purchased here or for $15 at the door.

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