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Published On March 20, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

The City Paper is stepping their game up in terms of their music coverage, and while a part of me would like to get all snarky about it and talk some smack, I will refrain. Sure, we hope to be at their level of readership some day, but I’d like to think that competition pushes individuals to work harder. We also must take a moment to recognize the CP’s improvements in this area now that Andy Mulkerin has taken over. I, for one, have noticed, and bid him congratulations on a job well done thus far. He recently wrote about a new music series happening tomorrow, March 21, called “Sounding Board”. In the vein of 2008-9’s “CP Remixed” this series will bring together acts that are “interesting and entertaining in different ways”. While the old series featured guest curators from the local scene, this new one brings together “three acts that came into their own in 2011”, all of which are very different but unified by this shared experience.

Another thing each bring to the table, according to Mulkerin, “All toy with the borders of their respective genres. And all three are unique and engaging as live performers.” We profiled SolSis’ SXSW fundraising efforts as they made their way to the festival. SolSis is comprised of the ever evolving Ma’Ve and Yah Lioness. Self-described as rebel hip-hop and rock with hard-hitting lyrics, SolSis continues to forge a unique path on the PGH hip hop and soul circuit, with the goal of generating esteem and elevation of the soul. “Influenced by the styles of Latifah, Lauryn, Erykah Badu, Res and others, SolSis is the development and collaboration of souls through music. The medicine in the applesauce, if you will.”

Joining SolSis on the bill is Dazzletine, who are opening for Foxy Shazam in a few short weeks at Mr. Smalls. Having gained a lot of momentum in a short time, Dazzletine has been turning heads on the local circuit. This pop/rock five-piece was born out of Dan Koshute’s one-man solo project and fashioned after seventies glam rock. Hop on over to their Bandcamp to hear their debut EP and learn more about the band in this lovely little write up our contributor, Patrick Bowman AKA Bonus Chopper did a while back as a CP cover story.

And then there’s Host Skull, who is in the process of hosting a festival which spans four weeks and coincides with an exhibit at the 707 Penn Gallery, “Inhabit Host Skull”. The interactive exhibit allows any participant to control Host Skull by recording one minute segments to be used in online compositions and future 7″s. According to their website the band was, “Founded by David Bernabo and Will Dyar. Host Skull also includes Brandon Masterman, Ben Montgomery, and Pj Roduta. A number of other musicians are in the mix, too: Liz Adams (voice, double bass), Kerrith Livengood (flutes, piccolo), Jim Siders (trombone), Vince Camut (pedal steel), Jeff Berman (vibraphone, percussion), Erik Cirelli (guitar), Josh Verbanets (voice), Christopher James (bass), and Darcy Trunzo (voice). Host Skull operates two iterations of the band, one based in Pittsburgh, PA and the other in Sante Fe, NM.” Their ambition and talent earned them a nod from Cindy Howes of WYEP, who named one of their releases in her personal faves of 2011.

Rounding out the bill are DJs Lauren G and Nikkels, who you might recognize from VIA or various gigs around town, such as Hothouse, Love is Wet and many opening slots at The Rex. They always get the crowd moving, so come prepared to dance!

This event takes place at 7PM Wednesday, March 21 at Peter’s Pub in Oakland and $6 bucks gains you entrance and two complimentary beverages from good OL’ Iron City.

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