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Thanks a lot, Onra. You’ve got me feeling pretty beat up today. The party spirits were high in the PGH last night, and for a good reason. Onra was in the heez for the first time since he rocked our faces off at VIA last October.

I arrived as Andrés aka Discuss was about to start his set. He plays totally chilled out music that makes your cool factor go up 10 points just for listening. This was my first time hearing Andrés play solo. I can say there certainly was a lot of discussion (har-har) during this set on how bangin’ it was. Not booty bump bangin’, but rad nonetheless. People dug Andrés and they weren’t afraid to admit it. I thought he was a perfect fit for the night, and a great way to get the crowd warmed up for the shit show that was Golden Ages.

I hate to be negative, I really do, but I wasn’t expecting much from a band whose claim to fame was a tired “Africa” cover. That song is more played out than any top-40 hit for the past 10 years. If you disagree, you probably didn’t attend college. That song was a staple in every fratty bar I went to from ’00-’07. Sidenote: if you’ve never been to a fratty bar, you probably didn’t attend Pitt. Normally I trust VIA’s taste, but this was really a stretch for me. Anyone who shows up to a Pgh gig with a Flyers jersey on should be booed by default. That takes some balls. How about you stop watching so much hockey and practice a bit more, eh? Ouch.

Snarkiness aside, Onra killed it! Pop on over to VIA’s Facebook to view all the awesome pics Lindsay took. I really enjoyed the vibe of this event. 720 was nice because it gave the underage kids a shot to enjoy prime beats. They blended right in, too. Wouldn’t have noticed there were folks that young if they hadn’t told me. Next time you might want to chill on that, unless you were cougar hunting – get it!

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