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Quite the orgasmic title, I know. Have you seen the flier for this show? I saved one for the nightstand. Don’t tell my boo.

If you haven’t heard about VIA by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock since October 2010. That, or you just don’t care about the electronic music scene in Pittsburgh. That’s okay. A shame, but okay. Hailing from Detroit, Omar-S has been turning heads since 2003. He certainly turned more than a few this past Saturday during his visit to Pittsburgh. Perhaps one of the best after hours jaunts to grace the Istanbul stage, Omar was joined by Humanaut‘s Jason Cuban, Thomas Cox and RMCP of the Philadelphiyinz.

If you would like to know more about Omar-S, too bad. That can be left to the pros. RA did a great interview with him. In fact, the guy who wrote this lil article is from Pgh ::bows in admiration:: I can pick myself off the floor in time to say a thang or two about this RMCP biznass. I’ve been seeing the Philadelphyinz pop up here and there in the past few months. Down and Derby had one of ’em, and so did Brillo around the holidays. These fellas are from Pittsburgh, so it would make sense for them to gig it up when they’re in town to see the fam. So, let’s dissect this.

The Philadelphyinz are Pittsburgh transplants who call Philly their home. Rather than getting all spiteful and sour, let’s embrace the fact they aren’t ashamed of their Pittsburgh heritage. Most who move from here to Philly do so with some level of shame attached. Comprised of Dj Apt One and Skinny Friedman, the duo has been rocking it out since 2005. Side project RCMP has coupled Dj Apt One with Pittsburgh’s Relative Q. Don’t know much about this fella, but I know they killed their set! Every time I attend a gig with Apt One attached, I know it’s going to be bangin’. They were the perfect musical lube to the Omar-S finish.

Be sure to “like” VIA on Facebook if you want to be in-the-know. They have another big event coming up on March 9th. We borrowed a few pictures, but if you’d like to peep them all, hop on over here.

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