Obvious + VIA Present: Pearson Sound + Grenier

Published On April 22, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

PSThe party vibes will be flowing in abundance this Friday night for a banger of an evening provided by the Obvious and VIA crews. Close to 12 hours of programming is scheduled, starting with a fashion show at 6119, main event at Belvedere’s and after party back at 6119. There will be no time for disco napping, so go to bed early Thursday and push through, otherwise you’ll be filled with regret Saturday, and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Start things off nice and early during the Obvious Clothing Co. Launch Party at 6119 from 6-9PM. Peep threads designed and crafted by Obvious’ Elaine Healy, enjoy food from Penn Mac and Wingharts, and boogie to the sounds of Gusto and Naan Naan from the Detour crew. This event is free and you’ll also get $2 off at the door when you arrive at Belvedere’s if you haven’t secured tickets yet.

As for the main event, which kicks off at 9:30 at Belvedere’s, you can expect a lot of quality jams for your earholes. Grenier, AKA DJG makes his return to Pittsburgh while currently in the midst of his Voids Three Tour. This tour coincides with his latest release, Voids Three, which just dropped April 9. You can preview and purchase it here.

The main event, David Kennedy AKA Pearson Sound, can be perfectly summed up by this articulate Pitchfork review of FabricLive 56 that he released under two of his aliases (Ramadanman/Pearson Sound). “At his core, Kennedy is a relentless style maven, a forward-looking producer and DJ whose curiosity and appetite for the new and regional can make him seem skittish, even standoffish. (To wit: he often gets credit for being one of the first European DJs to adopt the Footwork sound, and its brash repetition suits him perfectly.) He deals in a stridently rhythmic brand of techno, borrowing the syncopation of dubstep, but with amped-up tempos and elements of reggae, UK funky, drum & bass, and Detroit techno stirred in. The pileup of styles gives Kennedy’s music and mixes a casually aggressive tone; he’s not actively trying to batter your sensibilities, but he doesn’t care if he does. Remember when suburban skateboarders began listening to Wu-Tang instead of NOFX? Kennedy’s cuts have that sort of edgy, athletic bend to them.” –Andrew Gaerig

This critically-acclaimed compilation opened many doors for Kennedy, enabling him to open for giants like Radiohead and Moodymann, as well as lecturing at Madrid’s Red Bull Music Academy. Expect a lot from this fella, and with good reason.

Visuals for the night will be provided by Ben Tabas. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.

Afterwards, head back to 6119 to party into the wee hours of the AM while you dance to the sounds of Pittsburgh’s Edgar Um and Obvious’ own ex-Pittsburgher by way of San Fran Local. Grenier will be closing out the night to reward those of you who make it this far. This BYOB event pops off at 1 and is $5.

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