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Published On July 6, 2011 | By Sweet1Lani | Music

“Notice the End”– Kellee Maize’s newest video release on YouTube, featuring Jasiri X, was debuted on, which is by all accounts the biggest Hip Hop blog in the world.  The track is recorded over Nicki Minaj’s Roman’s Revenge which featured Eminem.

The racial juxtaposition is obvious but ironically wasn’t even a consideration when Kellee asked Jasiri to be featured,  “I am a huge fan of Jasiri X and when I completed my part, I felt like something was missing.  He immediately popped in my head. We have been talking about working together for over a year.  I called and he came over to record the next day.  He said he wanted to add what he called, “an exclamation point”  I think he added something much more powerful than that!”

In my opinion, Roman’s Revenge has a negative vibe, filled with hate and trash talking, while “Notice the End” flips the polarities with more conscious and empowering lyrics.  Why?  Everything Ms. Maize does has a deeper message.  She even chose to film her latest tattoo by Octeel to add more meaning to the imagery of the video.

According to Kellee, “The song is meant to paint a picture of the ills on the planet that need our attention and in my verses, I’m attempting to challenge the listener to consider that the divine feminine energy that I feel is emerging right now, may be a tipping point in transforming the mess.”  There is a lot of meaningless music out there, and Kellee seems to create balance and make us think.

Jasiri X is no different with his purpose.  He’s out to open your mind as well, exposing people to the corruption we are surrounded by.  The two emcees make a dynamic duo.

I had a chance to talk with Jasiri about the experience.  Here’s our interview:

NYO: We are already a huge fan of your work, but to any readers who may not be familiar, can you tell them in a nutshell what you are about?

JX: Merging Hip-Hop with activism and creating media that’s reflective of who we really are.

NYO: We were so excited to see you and Kellee working together.  How was that experience and do you think you will do another song?

JX: It’s been a great experience, very professional, plus I haven’t been on World Star Hip-Hop in a long time lol.  I definitely hope to collab with Kellee again.

NYO: What are you up to right now, Kellee told us about a Media Literacy Program at The August Wilson Center you are doing, tell us about that and anything else you want the public to know?

JX: We just dropped a video called “Jordan Miles” which talks about how the police brutalized Jordan for no reason as he walked to his grandmother’s house. We’re encouraging people to call the DA and demand these officers be prosecuted.

NYO: Any new songs or albums that you are about to drop?

JX: My album “Ascension” is coming out on Wandering Worx in the fall. The label just leaked a single called “Triple 7“.

There you have it folks!  Kellee is currently recording her third album, Integration, and we will be sure to let you know when it drops.

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