NakNoise VIA Edition Part 2

Published On September 1, 2011 | By Clark | Music

Hey Everyone,

VIA is right around the corner (JEEZ, I can’t believe its September already!) and I’ve got plenty more artists to cover before the show. Trans Am, Underground Resistance: Interstellar Fugitives, Brenmar, and FRWYS 7 and more were announced recently and VIA has truly solidified itself into a must-see spectacle. Check out 5 more artists on the list…

1. Brenmar – So High

Unforunately, Kingdom isn’t going to make it to VIA this year; however, Brenmar is certainly a worthy replacement! Both artists share some similarities in their love of injecting hip hop, R&B, and house into their music. I expect Brenmar’s set to be fast and bass driven. Brenmar will be playing the opening party at Brillo and its guaranteed to be packed. If could you all do me a favor before the party, I would be most grateful. A shower and deodorant work wonders for my senses, remember that.
2. Light Asylum – Skull Fuct

Anyone who was fortunate enough to see “!!!” perform at the “Lawrenceville Moose” last year, might remember, Shannon Funchess. Half of the dark wave duo known as, Light Asylum, Shannon was providing vocals and cutting a rug on stage with the rest of the band. Shannon wields a powerful, rumbling voice that is highly reminiscent of Grace Jones. Light Asylum’s debut EP, “In Tension” features several jams that have an 80’s throwback sound. Check out this track along with the dark anthem, “Dark Allies”.
3. Protect-U Double Rainbow

Hailing from DC, this duo put on one of my favorite shows that I’ve seen this year at the Helter Shetler (RIP). The euphoric vibe at the Altered States party has since been unmatched. Maybe it was the dance circle that randomly formed in the middle of their set or maybe it was because of the aptly positioned photograph of Jesus Christ that hung high on the wall. Either way, I look back on that evening with a smile on my face and I hope that a little bit of that magic returns when they play this October. In the meantime, check out one of their best tracks, Double Rainbow.
4. Blondes – Hater

**Attention: Anyone caught making horrible puns about blonds and brunettes will be promptly shipped off to a work camp** Ah, but I digress…If you’ve been reading the NakNoise articles since the beginning you’ll recall that I am a huge “Blondes” fan. Blondes will be playing along side their RVNG labelmates Tim Sweeney and Pink Skull. Do yourself a huge favor and also check out Pink Skull and Sweeney’s radio show Beats in Space.
5. Toy Selectah – El Sabanero Raver

“The mix-master wizard for Monterrey’s Hip Hop en Español Pioneers Control Machete, created a whole new hybrid by mixing Mexican sound scapes with contemporary urban riddims.” Toy Selectah is one of many in Diplo’s “Mad Decent” crew. Mad Decent DJs are known to definitely bring the noise and make you shake your ass. I chose El Sabanero Raver not only because its a perfect track to showcase his style of music, but also because of the ridiculous video. WARNING: This video is NOT work safe. If you think people in your workplace can’t handle exposed areolas and wildly gyrating hips you should probably wait until you get home.

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