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Published On January 26, 2012 | By Clark | Music

Hey Everyone,

I’m back again for the first NakNoise of 2012! I’ve got ten new tracks, several of them released in January and the last few weeks of December. As always, discuss which songs you like and which ones you hate in the comments; I’d love to hear from you guys!


Nicolas Jaar – With Just One Glance

For the past year, Nicolas Jaar has been on a killer streak. From his critically acclaimed debut album, his Darkside EP, and string of excellent singles, Nicolas Jaar has made his presence known in a big way. “With Just One Glance” is a track that exemplifies his style of incredibly sensual, slow burning minimal house; a style he has unequivocally mastered.
Fort Romeau – Jack Rollin’

Mike Norris, keyboardist and programmer for La Roux, aka Fort Romeau is carving out his own path in the music world while La Roux preps her sophomore album. His forthcoming EP, “Kingdoms” is releasing soon on the 100% Silk label. 100% Silk is currently one of my favorite labels, mostly because of the unique style of house and dance floor jams they put out last year. Norris’ style is reminiscent of other artists on the label like Octo Octa and Magic Touch and I think he will be a perfect addiction.

Jack Rollin’ is a fun, off kilter house track. If you enjoy this cut, I recommend checking out 100% Silk’s FADER mix to hear some great tracks from some of the other artists on the label: click here
Air – Seven Stars (ft. Victoria Legrand)

Seven Stars is the newest single from Air’s new album, “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” and it features Victoria Legrand, the lead singer of Beach House (One of my favorite bands). Nicolas Godin had this to say about their new album, “We wanted it to sound ‘handmade and knocked together’, a bit like Méliès’ special effects (referring to the movie of the same title, in which, their album serves as the score). Everything is played live and like Méliès’ film, our soundtrack is nourished by living art.”
Factory Floor – Two Different Ways

Even though I adore this track, I’ve refrained from adding it simply because I felt it may not resonate well with those who haven’t totally subscribed to electronic music. However, I’ve decided to leave that decision up to all of you. Factory Floor has been described as Post-Industrial, however their latest EP, “Two Different Ways” pushed them deeper into the realms of house and techno. Out of all the articles and reviews I read I feel that The Quietus put it best, “…With its stiff, jerky drum machine percussion and acidic bass, the A-side recalls classic Chicago house, albeit run through a soot-caked industrial filter.”
Cloud Nothings – Wasted Days

Cloud Nothings’ latest album, “Attack on Memory” is quickly gaining a lot of acclaim and for good reason. Solid song writing and an array of standout tracks, the album is a refreshing escape from all the hazy, psych rock and bedroom pop that’s flooding the internet. One of their biggest strengths is their fantastic hooks that are memorable, but don’t totally dictate the pace of their songs. If you are looking for an extremely well done, by-the-books indie rock record I highly suggest you give this a look.
Evian Christ – Go Girl

Evian Christ is a shining example of how the internet has changed how people accept and consume music. As of right now, Evian Christ is still somewhat of a mystery. Eight extremely well produced tracks appeared on youtube under the moniker Evian Christ, and instantly the ball began rolling. The tracks are an interesting mix of juke, hip hop, and ambient music, sampling the likes of hip hop artist Tyga and the electro-acoustic musician Grouper.

The labeless, enigmatic, music personality is on the brink of becoming a cliche; however, I really love reading about artists forging their own path and rejecting the trend of becoming a cog in the greed machine built by the large recording labels.
Dam Mantle – Not a Word

2011 was a second coming out party for juke music. Juke and footwerk have been around for decades, but recently, a lot of of artists like Machinedrum, Addison Groove, and Africa Hitech, have been putting their own spin on the genre and pushing it to the forefront. Of course, there are a lot of detractors saying they are merely copycats and are pushing out souless renditions of what juke was originally about. I can certainly see where they come from, people (me being one of them) tend to be frozen in the present and forget to look back on the origins of the music they are enjoying. The originators get lost in the shuffle and the new, regardless of the quality, sometimes overshadows the old.

As I mentioned before, Dam Mantle has taken the juke style and created his own interesting take on the genre. A fast, thumping 808 beat is juxtaposed with a pitched down, looping vocal. Definitely check out his WE EP. His range and diversity is impressive.
Grimes – Genesis

With Grimes’ recent announcement that she was joining 4AD, she has enviously positioned herself with the likes of tune-yards, Gang Gang Dance, St. Vincent, Bon Iver, The National, and tons of other hugely successful musicians. She had this to say about her music and upcoming LP , “The only means through which I can be fully expressive. It is both an ethereal escape from, and a violent embrace of, my experience. The creative process is a quest for the ultimate sensual, mystical and cathartic experience and the vehicle for my psychic purging. Visions was conceived in a period of self-imposed cloistering during which time I did not see daylight.”
White Denim – Street Joy

As much as I like this song, I’ve gotta say it gets upstaged by its ridiculous music video. The video seems to be someones prom from the 1980s. Also, if I could just go on a quick tangent, what the hell were people in the 80’s thinking? How could someone look in the mirror with those clothes and that hair and say to themselves, “Damn, I look good.” I’m really not sure who to blame here, I only lived through the last half of the 80’s so I take zero responsibility!


Street Joy is a slow ballad by these Austin indie rockers and apparently it’s absolutely incredible live. I’ll let you search the internet for a live show, but in the mean time enjoy this great track.
Chairlift – Ghost Tonight

Chairlift is a Brooklyn-based duo who started their career creating soundtracks for haunted houses. Luckily they’re aspiring for loftier goals and are prepping their new album, “Something”. Recently the third member of their band left, however, judging from some of the leaks, Chairlift is in peak form. In this video, Chairlift is performing in the back of a moving cab for one of the “Black Cab Sessions”. To hear the studio version click here.

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