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Hey Everyone,
It’s been a while, but I’m back again to bring a list of ten cool tracks for your listening pleasure. Maybe listen to a few while you guys are stuffing yourselves into your stripper outfits, er costumes, for Halloween this year. As always, if you like the list, hate the list, or just want to comment on a song in particular, you can post a note in the comment section. Enjoy and be safe this weekend!

1. Paradis – Parfait Tirage

Paradis and Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space label have decide to break ground together with this release. The french duo is unveiling their first EP on the brand spanking new label; the balearic-tinged track is synth-heavy and its not surprising that he chose this release as a jumping off point. The lyrics are all in French; however, music is universal and the composition and quality of this track will speak to everyone.
2. Korralleven – As Young As Yesterday

With “As Young as Yesterday” The Swedish duo Koralleven are doing what the Swede’s seem to do so well…. dreamy, blissed-out style pop music. The song instantly reminded me of Delorean, whose album “Subiza” was pretty much my summer soundtrack last year. They’ve recruited Victoria Bergsman of “Taken by Trees” to provide vocals and while she isn’t the only vocalist she makes her presence known and leaves a pleasant mark on the track. In the end, the beach pop vibes is nice;however, it’s an unfortunate reminder that summer is now over and the cold is slowly creeping into the burgh.
3. James Blake – A Case of You

James Blakes is certainly one of 2011’s “It Boys”. By releasing an excellent debut album, a string of high-quality EPs and delivering breath-taking live performances, James Blake has justified his fame in a big way. “A Case of You” is off of his latest EP “Enough Thunder” and is a cover of a Joni Mitchell track. Unlike, his cover of Feist’s “Limit to Your Love” the arrangement is significantly more sparse. No ghostly synths or unexpected low end bass here. Blake’s unique style of singing, mixed with his accent, sometimes make it difficult to decipher the lyrics, however, this is still a well-crafted ballad.
4. My Brightest Diamond – Be Brave

If you’ve heard of My Brightest Diamond then the next statement will probably won’t come as a surprise…Shara Worden, the lead singer, has a phenomenal voice. The girls got some serious pipes and she definately the centerpiece in this eccentric slice of chamber pop. The video is really bizarre and its sort of hilarious to imagine that they really record all over their songs like this. “All Things Will Unwind” dropped on the 18th so if you dig this track, I highly suggest checking out the rest album.
5. Patten – AM / Soft Focus

AM / Soft Focus is on Pattens debt album, GLAQJO XAACSSO (No, I didn’t face roll my keyboard, thats really the name). The music isn’t quite as absurd as the album title, but its certainly out there. The album is one my favorites of the last quarter of the year and is further justification of my statement that 2011 is a fantastic year for the synth genre. Much like the rest of the album, AM / Soft Focus flourishes with densely-packed synths and rather obtuse drum beats. At times its almost as if two tracks are playing at once; a marrying of different sounds that create a chaotic, yet ultimately satisfying result.
6. Pearson Sound – Hardrive – Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Refix)

Maurice Donovan, Pearson Sound, Ramadanman, David Kennedy…whatever you want to call him doesn’t matter. What it really comes down to is that, Kennedy has moved beyond simply being on a hot streak. Few have had a streak of such great tracks: Glut, Tempest, Babeh, Work Them, Void 23, Don’t Change For Me, Stifle, etc. Many house fans should instantly recognize the original track, as its considered to be a classic. Tampering with tracks such as these can be a bit dangerous, but lucky Kennedy does it justice. He takes what makes the track great and adds some of his signature percussive magic and bass. While it won’t have the same impact as the original, its definitely a winner.
7. Jhene Aiko – Stranger

“Stranger” by Jhene Aiko is nothing new and not terribly innovate, but follows the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. “Stranger” is a soft, subtle track and you can tell that Aiko is deeply within her comfort zone. Recently, she was granted a release from her label and became an independent artist. A song like this does not follow the electro-pop mantra that the radio is currently pounding into everyones head, so commercial success would have been a huge toss up. While she may never appear on the Billboard, she has found success in the UK bass scene where her tracks are being played and remixed repeatedly. Time will tell if she takes advantage of that, but for now she seems content on riding the small wave.
8. M83 – Midnight City

One of the things I like most about M83 is the constancy, in which, they deliver great music. “Saturday=Youth”, “Before the Dawn Heals”, “Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts, etc. are all high quality albums, and his latest, “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” is no exception. The track starts with an instantly recognizable, metallic synth that permeates throughout the song. The sound is quite similar to that of some their older music so fans will feel right at home. Hazy, indecipherable lyrics seems to be all the rage right now, but then again, who needs to sing along when you can just hum the melody like an idiot? The album is 22 tracks long and while this is one of the stronger cuts, its totally worth a listen….or 4.
9. Fiend – Ghost Town

Like Curren$y, Fiend, was part of Master P’s rap group, “No Limit Soldiers”. I’m going to assume that if you are reading blog you remember those morons. Horrible lyrics and mediocre production mixed with larger than life personalities….and we all ate it up. With both Fiend and Curren$y you sort of have to wonder if their music now is simply the result of growth and honing their craft or if they were purposely limiting themselves and dumbing down their music for the masses. When I say wonder, I’m merely trying to look objective; I think we all know the answer to that question.
10. Massive Attack x Burial – Paradise Circus

A much anticipated clash of titans, talk of these two collaborating have been running rampant for some time. A limited release two song EP, which sold out almost instantly, is being released this month. A rework of Massive Attack’s Paradise Circus, the track contains many of Burial’s trademarks such as the pitched vocals, hazy background static, and sirens. The track runs about 11 minutes, but the track is remarkably paced so listening to it at length is a joy. There are plenty of Burial imitators, but no one ever does it quite like he does.

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