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Published On June 9, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Alright, alright – I know we’re kinda late on this, but we’ve been busy. Now that Movement 2011 (aka DEMF for you old heads) has been filed away into our memory banks, let’s take a look at some of the moments that made Movement 2011 so damn special, starting with the crew. Pgh repped hard this year! There were at least 30 Pgh-ites that I could think of who were also there. Not only were we all in attendance, but we managed to convene into large groups at random on multiple occasions. This can mean either we all have good taste, we all have the same taste, or we all have shitty taste. This is relative, as I hate it when certain peeps try to get all elite on my ass and say their taste in music is somehow more valid or informed than my own.

How can one opinion be more valid than another? Sure, an opinion can be more informed because said person has been alive longer than myself and/or into electronic music longer than myself, or a DJ/musician, which is entirely possible. Does this mean they like better music than I do? One would hope not. I don’t like onions and I’ll be damned if the onion-eating population has better taste in grub than me just because they like stanky onions. I think you get the point. Taste is relative. I think it’s more important to look at the different reasons people appreciate music and what that particular music’s purpose is. There’s no doubt that Movement is all about…well, movement – whether drug-induced, drunken, or purely out of love for the genres the festival caters to. What I listen to at home vs. what I listened to in Detroit vs. what I really loved in Detroit were way off track with what I thought I would like. That is why you go to shit like this! I encountered quite a few people who went to see Scuba, Runaway, Distal, or a slew of other DJs that just hit Pgh within the past six months. I would prefer to branch out, and I’d like to think I did just that. No repeats here. Horizons successfully broadened.

My personal faves included Kerri Chandler, Carl Craig (69), Soul Clap, Green Velvet, Ramadanman, Daedelus, Heartthrob and (gasp) Fatboy Slim, who was surprisingly good! My overall fave had to be Claude Young, though – by far. I chose him as the top fave because this year’s festival made me realize how much I actually do enjoy house music. Sometimes I get bored with it and feel as though I hear too much of it in Pgh, but this dude restored my faith in the genre by repping the stage’s signature Detroit style. The Made in Detroit stage was one of my faves for the festival this year. Someone needs to bring that cat to Pgh immediately!

Honorable mentions go to Kevin Saunderson and Dubfire, both of whom I saw while attending afterparties. I didn’t attend too many this year in an effort to save money. In fact, I managed to spend a grand total of $5 on all my afterpartying excursions. Talk about skillz. Anyone whose been there before knows you can spend more than you did on the festival by afterpartying. All in all, year two was more enjoyable than year one. I’m more into the music than I was last year, and going with a bit of experience certainly helps navigating while under the influence. Some may say the festival is getting a little too commercial for their tastes, but if you look hard enough, you can still find the underground aspect if that’s what you crave. This year’s biggest regret – not going to Old Miami, which really translates into not partying hard enough. Any party that starts at 7AM has gotta be a banger. I probably slept more than anyone who went to the festival this year. You can call me granny, or blame it on the 30 days of practice I had beforehand. Pics below. Until next year!

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