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Published On October 18, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

There were so many adorable photos of Little Dragon from which to steal I had a difficult time choosing an image to portray the level of excitement I feel regarding this show. Yes, the band has been around for a few years now, but I’d only heard bits and pieces of their music before seeing them play in May at Movement 2011. Though I enjoyed the set, I’m really excited to see them in the more intimate setting of the Shadow Lounge.

The band’s name was inspired by lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s mild tantrums that she used to throw during the recording process. The band are old acquaintances, attending high school together in Sweden. Yukimi has contributed vocals to artists such as TV on the Radio, DJ Shadow, The Gorillaz, SBTRKT and fellow Swede José González. It wasn’t until their 2011 release Ritual Union that the band started experiencing a more intense level of fame. Unified by a love for electronic music, the band has matured with Ritual Union, which is a gem from start to finish.

“I love watching a band evolve. On its third studio album, Little Dragon does just that. The Swedish group, fronted by singer Yukimi Nagano, first hooked me years ago with its gorgeous mix of soul, R&B, rock, funk, synth-pop and electronica. But when I heard “Nightlight,” the first single from Ritual Union, I immediately knew something different was afoot.”NPR

Since I adore them so much, I’m going to share with you a few songs that really got me hooked. Starting with one of my favorite songs of 2011:

If that isn’t in your head for days, then I don’t know what in the world you consider catchy. Next up, a slow jam (and the first single they ever released) “Twice”:

That song makes me want to call up an ex boyfriend or two. Speaking of, here’s another catchy jam to boogie to:

I really can’t decide what the band does better – synth-tinged pop songs, or slow, soulful tunes. For the sake of being well-rounded, I had to include a song from Machine Dreams:

If you were smart enough to snab a presale, go you! I’m truly proud. If not, doors are at 7 and they have a limited number of tickets left, so leave work early and hop on over to Shadow Lounge for this fantastic show!

And because we don’t want to be neglectful, we suggest getting there for the opener, Tycho, who just released a new album called Dive. I came across a stream of the album a few weeks ago, but it has since disappeared. For now, their myspace will have to do.

Special shout out to our partners over at Pittsburgh Brewing Company, who are proud to support this show through Iron City Sound! Iron City Sound, presented by Iron City Brewing Company, fosters the advancement of local musicians, spotlights regional and national acts in Pittsburgh and blends our hometown music culture and Iron City Beer into one mighty, satisfying groove. Iron City products will be on special for $2/bottle. Let’s do this!

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