Lazercrunk's 4th Birthday with EPROM + Clicks & Whistles

Published On June 6, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Lazercrunk turns 4 tomorrow and is bringing back one of their most beloved guests, Clicks & Whistles to celebrate the occasion. I remember the last time Clicks & Whistles played Lazercrunk. It didn’t end well. HAR HAR. Regardless, the jams were legit and I’d be lying if I didn’t say they’re certainly an attendee favorite. Joining Clicks & Whistles will be San Francisco producer EPROM, who crafts dirty, space-tinged beats that are the perfect compliment to the Lazercrunk crowd.

The boys of Lazercrunk expect shirts to be flyin’ when Clicks & Whistles goes down. They’re also the event’s first repeat guests. Hear some of their jams below:

EPROM has spent well over a year on Keeb$ and Cutups’ guest wish list, so they’re extra pumped for this one. EPROM delivers the kind of booms and baps the duo caters to, so expect a lot of booty shakin’ for this one. Some of his favorite music out right now incldues Lazer Sword, NastyNasty, The Glitch Mob, Slugabed, Akira Kiteshi, Loops Haunt and Eskmo. His new album drops in July, but you can peep some of his new tracks below:

They’re expecting a sellout for this one, so grab your tickies early. the night pops off with Keeb$ and Cutups at 10PM at Brillo Box. I’d say see you there, but well, ya know.

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