Lazercrunk w/ Clicks & Whistles

Published On November 1, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Well look at them. Aren’t they just adorable with their little pooch, beards and hipster photography? Here’s to hoping the one on the left is single, cos they’re coming to Brillobox on Thursday and I’m trying to get my freak on, Lazercrunk style. Hopefully you’re rested up from the Halloween haps by Thursday, because the weekend always comes one day early when Lazercrunk is concerned.

This month’s guest is Clicks & Whistles, coming to you all the way from North Carolina. Their music is described by the LC curators as “melodic bass, southern crunk and juke-ified dubstep” and their anthem “Cranberry Goose” has been a LC favorite this year, so it only seems appropriate that they take a visit before the year’s end.

Clicks & Whistles are on Embassy Recordings, a label they share with the likes of Distal, Mite, Sines, Shortstack and Cosmic Revenge. Check out their Soundcloud for a dose of what you’re in for Thursday night.

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