Lazer Hangover

Published On February 4, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

Photo courtesy of Todd Keebler

Every hipster in Lawrenceville knows about Lazercrunk. It’s no secret. It’s also pretty apparent that duo Keebs and Cutups throw down some bangin’ sets. Their new years party was beyond rad. They were also the highlight of Evaline ’10. How could you possibly hate on someone with a curly mullet? Ya can’t. Last night Lazercrunk continued their hard-partying tradition with a little help from NY-based Udachi. Didn’t know much about this cat before last night, but he seemed to dig us!

These guys always bring the humor, too. Complete with groundhog-adorned speakers and projection screen, if you didn’t know who Punxsutawney Phil was before last night, you sure as hell do now. It was kind of tough to pay attention to the djs with Bill Murray’s ugly mug playing in the background, but I managed.

He worked pretty hard on this graphic. Rec og niiize.

PS – If you ever want to scare the shit out of a homophobe, just wait for the toilet next to the resident Lazercrunk Point Park twirlers. I know you know who I’m talkin ’bout.

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