DIY Feminist Concert Series Ladyfest Hits Pittsburgh

Published On July 15, 2015 | By Megan Tomasic | Music

Photo Cred: Ladyfest

On July 17, Ladyfest kicks off in the ‘Burgh with a versatile lineup of fierce female artists and musicians. Originally, Ladyfest began as Vulvapalooza in 2002, but was soon changed due to the alienation of transgender people. Founders Athena Kazuhiro and Steph Flati soon revived the event, renaming it Ladyfest.

Today, Ladyfest continues to grow with a focus on community-empowered women and celebrating DIY feminist arts and activism. All proceeds from Ladyfest go to the Women’s Center and Shelter (WCS), and cell phone donations are accepted for WCS  in case of 911 emergency.

Throughout the weekend, multiple curated events will take place at select venues around the city, including The Shop, Howlers, Cattivo, and the New Bohemian.

The weekend’s events will kick off Friday at The Shop (4314 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA) from 7-10PM, and artists include Trash Bag, Action Camp, Dumplings, Murder for Girls, Brazilian Wax, and Roulette Waves

Action Camp is a locally based band featuring members Maura Jacob and Bengt Alexsander. The band focuses on the genres doom pop, art rock, and electro. After the duo’s move to Pittsburgh, they adopted new material in writing about Pennsylvania’s disasters, along with their own conflict of adjusting to a new city. The band members believe this challenged them to expand upon their electro roots, and they soon began incorporating low-tuned guitars, richer bass tones, and synths to their later tracks.


The evening continues later on at Howler’s (4509 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA), with performances kicking off at 10PM. Performing bands include Liss Victory, The Park Plan, The Fuckies, Sleepy Kitty, and Bunny Five Coat.

Known for pairing grungy guitar rhythms with thought-provoking lyrics, Liss Victory (pictured left) states that she writes “hurricane-voiced songs that can be dark, but not necessarily bleak.” She attributes her creative process and success to her Middle American background and her childhood inspirations, stating she was inspired by her musical friends and family growing up. Liss Victory currently lives in Pittsburgh, and she hosts and performs live for The Girlie Show at Hambone’s Pub. She can often be found in her Erie, Pa hometown, where she plays with The Graveyard Orchestra.

Saturday, July 18’s show begins at 9PM at Cattivo (146 44th Street, Pittsburgh, PA), and includes bands Rebecca R., Derider, Blod Maud, Dream Phone, The Village Bicycle, Dysmorphia, The Lopez, Cruces, The Mud City Manglers, Rogue Signals, The Bloated Sluts, and Lady Beast.

July 19, the final day of Ladyfest, will then be open to all ages and will run from 3-7PM at the New Bohemian. Bands include Unraveler, Chattel Tail, Swampwalk, Jamie and the Debt, Pink Flamingos, Boy Scouts, and Midge Cricket, with a possible performance from rap/hip-hop act, Blak Rapp Madusa.

Don’t miss your chance to rock out with these talented, world dominating females. All show tickets can be purchased at their respective venues, and more info can be found on Ladyfest’s Facebook page.

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