Kodak to Graph Brings Dreamlike LP to Club Cafe

Published On April 6, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | Music

kodak to graphAfter relocating to LA, completing a tour with Odesza, and releasing his first LP, Iranian-American music producer Kodak to Graph is finally bringing his ethereal sound to the ‘Burgh. Kodak to Graph, aka Mikey Maleki, is a 23-year-old workaholic, testifying to spending up to six hours in the studio each day. The artist uses found sounds, vocal riffs, and instrumentals to create a lucid, yet complex sound on the new album, “ISA.” The 10-track LP, released on March 10, explores Maleki’s relocation to the West Coast and his creative process.

KtG will often pull out his phone to record ordinary sounds that inspire him and use them later to create his music. Whether it’s his feet crunching leaves, or rusty wind chimes at a Tennessee airstream, the musician will manipulate these sounds and use them as intros or underlays for his songs. “Limnetic,” the eighth song on “ISA,” delves into its melody with the use of sounds that resemble nature: dry leaves, dripping water, birds chirping. That isn’t to say that “ISA” is a collection of nature recordings – Kodak to Graph alters each sound to evoke something meaningful, and make it flow into a synthetic, psych beat.

In an interview with SubAp!, he said, “It gives a song more meaning to me if I’m using sounds that I recorded at a specific place or time.” This concept is exactly what makes Kodak to Graph’s music so unique – sales just aren’t important to him. He told THUMP, “It’s something that’s an extension of me and I’m just happy to share it,” regarding his free release of the record. “ISA” explores nature and music concurrently, synthesizing an evocative range of beats. This album is perfect for jamming hardcore at a show, or hankering down for a few hours at the library – think Heavenly Beat with a lesser amount of lyrics, plus some mellow, pseudo-house beats.

The Florida native is inspired by the sounds of water, as evidenced by his coastal upbringing and the hydrophilic nature of “ISA,” but this wasn’t a conscious decision he made when creating his music. The same goes for the R&B influences you might be hearing in the LP – Kodak to Graph told SubAp!, “I think it’s not a conscious thing, so I don’t think it has much effect on my writing style. I feel like my style is some 2nd- or 3rd-generation version of R&B.”

On April 9 at 8PM, Club Cafe in South Side is hosting Kodak to Graph, along with Big Wild, Obeson, and Jax. This is Kodak’s first time performing in Pittsburgh, so come out and make him feel welcome, celebrate his first LP, and dance to these artists’ sounds. (Plus it’s only 10 bucks for a kickass show featuring four talented musicians – a total steal.)

Buy your tickets ahead of time, or you can enter to win free tickets on KtG’s website.

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