Kellee Maize…It's All Happening!

Published On June 8, 2011 | By Sweet1Lani | Music

Most of you know our girl Kellee Maize is the founder and Creative Director of Näkturnal.  Recently she has begun to spend more time focusing on her burgeoning career as a rapper, singer and dancer.  After the release of her second album Aligned Archetype, things really started taking off.  She has produced a dozen music videos, has had hundreds of articles written about her and was recently voted by the public to the Top 8 and chosen by the festival judges to perform this weekend at the 10th Anniversary of Bonnaroo! (THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED!!!!)  But that’s not all, the weekend of Bonnaroo has developed into a marathon of sorts for our favorite female rapper. She is set to perform on Saturday, June 11th at 2:30 pm at Cafe Where? during Roo, as well as two other performances within that 24 window!  Traveling straight from Bonnaroo she will head back to the Burgh to participate in A Celebration of Unity event at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, from 2-4pm at the Trust Arts Education Center | Pierce Studio, 805/ 807 Liberty Avenue | Lower Level.  Through the arts of storytelling, song, drum, dance, rap, and ceremony, at the event, they will enact humanity’s predicted 2012 rebirth into unity.  Kellee helped organize the event and will be singing and drumming.


But it doesn’t stop there! She heads directly after the Unity Event to perform at Pittsburgh’s PRIDEFEST in the streets of Downtown.  This amazing celebration of LGBT rights awareness and acceptance is always a blast, and Kellee is honored to be apart of it!  Bonnaroo and PRIDEFEST will feature amazing choreography by Asia Johnson and Cece Smith and the one and only DJ Huggy. Kellee knows all of this success comes from support of her fans, friends, Nakturnal Ladies, and Family and sends much love to those who support her.


We are very proud of Mama Maize, and all she has accomplished.  Not only with her Music but of course the genesis of Näkturnal!  Thanks to all of you who have helped support her and we hope you can catch at least one of the upcoming performances!

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