JD Eicher and The Goodnights Album Release

Published On September 12, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | Music

JD Eicher and the GoodnightsJD Eicher and the Goodnights is a Pittsburgh/Youngstown band that just makes you feel good. And that’s what we really need from our music isn’t it? Some of their songs are sunny and upbeat and others are soulful, but either way they stick with you after they end.  Their new album, Into Place is about coming of age. It’s their third album after, The Shape of Things, and Shifting. Cleverly enough, when combined they spell out The Shape of Things Shifting Into Place. JD Eicher explains their themes range from, “Life’s cyclicality,” to “introspective journey through change,” and, “comfort in who you are.” So if this all sounds like good stuff to you (and it should) then come to the Hard Rock Cafe Friday September 14th at 9PM for the band’s CD release party and enjoy the 3rd album in a trilogy that may just rival Stars Wars! I said it…


The band recently signed with Rock Ridge Music who works with other musicians like Reel Big Fish and Rachel Platten. Their success is great, but not a huge surprise, with so many rave reviews from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper and more. Alternative Addiction also named them one of the top unsigned bands of today. So naturally they were going to get signed at some point.


JD Eicher and The Goodnights


Into Place was produced by the Grammy nominated producer Dustin Burnett who’s worked with Augustana and the Newsboys. With his help the already talented musicians give listeners gems like “Aaron”, and “Lately Lady” which features popular Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Joy Ike and she kills it! Both songs have the uncanny ability to make you feel like rolling your windows down and driving. Excuse the cliché. They might make you feel like doing other happy things too like a jig or a shot of whiskey!




Tickets for the CD release party at The Hard Rock Café are $6 in advance and $8 the day of. Joy Ike is opening alongside JD Eicher and The Goodnights so get there early and politely force your way to the front. This is feel good music after all!

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