Italian Techno – O Heck No!

Published On January 18, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music

If you come to a Humanaut event looking for a rave, you might end up a bit disappointed – or wowed – depending on how many substances you have going on that night.  Either way, the Humanaut crew puts on some of the most reputable techno events in the city.  These fellas have a serious ear for what’s hot in the world of techno.  Most of us who are familiar find ourselves trusting their repertoire, knowing even if we can’t pronounce the DJ’s name, we’ll end up having a good time.

Friday night was no exception.  Aaron Clark opened the night with one of his best sets yet.  He really stepped his game up for this one.  Maybe he wanted to impress Dozzy.  Hell, I would.  One thing I enjoy about the Humanaut crew and their events is that the candy kids and their 5-inch platform fluorescent moon shoes stay home.  These events go way past their bedtime, and everyone knows that any broad serious about dancing to techno wears flats.  If not, now you do. Lasers and fog are also okay, to a reasonable degree.

Donato Dozzy’s trancey techno is often described as “dark” or “liquid.”  For a full rundown on the ins and outs of Italian techno, peep this article Humanaut referenced on their site when they first announced the show.  I didn’t know much about Italian techno, and much of it is still over my head, but this certainly helped.  The distinctive aesthetic Dozzy created was a true crowd-pleaser, as the event shaped up to be one of the best the Humanaut crew has had in recent months.  It’s always nice to see an active interest in a sometimes dense and intimidating scene.  The techno played isn’t always accessible to the average listener, but then again, the same could be said about death metal.

Humanaut will be taking a bit of a hiatus on the event front, but you can still hear some of their crew at spots around town.  You can catch Aaron Clark and Paul Fleetwood this Saturday afterhours style at Istanbul, and Paul again at the Drum Bar inside the Rivers Casino on the 27th.  Drum Bar event is free, which means more money for boozin’.

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